This journalist isn't your next 'American Idol'

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By Shannon Brock

The "American Idol" auditions are coming to Louisville. I've heard about it - and keep hearing about it - from family and friends, all of which followed the news with the same question: Are you going to go?

My mom asked. My cousin asked. My friends asked.

My fianc was out of the loop, but once I told him about the auditions, even he asked.

I told each of them the same thing: I don't know.

I've never been a diehard fan of the show, only watching occasionally, but up until my junior year of high school, I seriously thought I would make a career out of singing.

I've been singing since I could speak - in church, in talent shows, in the car and in the shower, that is - but when I reached the age where a career was something to choose logically instead of something to choose based on a dream, I went with journalism.

I love my job, and I especially love working here, but, if given the opportunity, I'd take a "job" as a singer in a heartbeat.

I started to think "American Idol" would be such an opportunity, so I began to seriously check it out.

There's only one problem. The date for the audition is July 21 - two days after I get back from my honeymoon.

If the posted information for the first audition in San Francisco is any indication, people from the show start handing out wristbands two days before the audition, which would be the day I come back from my honeymoon. It is true that they keep handing them out until the audition day, but if I waited that long, I'd be at the tail end of the line and would have to wait until who knows when to actually audition.

As if that weren't enough, that would put me missing my seventh day of work in a row, and I don't think my coworkers would appreciate that.

So I guess my "American Idol" dreams won't come true this year, but there's always next year...or "Nashville Star"...or "Can You Duet?" I guess reality television has given me several opportunities; all I have to do is find one I can take.

However, I'd rather America see no audition at all than for me to end up as one of the "singers" viewers can only laugh at. Maybe I should just be thankful I won't end up as another William Hung.