Judge: Monitoring device stays

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Lawyer wants it removed from sexual abuse, sodomy suspect


The man facing numerous felony charges of sexual abuse and sodomy of children under the age of 12 was denied a request to remove an electronic monitor from his ankle Tuesday morning in Anderson Circuit Court.

John C. Martin, who now lives in Versailles, was indicted last August on six counts of first-degree sexual abuse of victims under the age of 12; one count of first-degree sodomy of a victim under 12; two counts of second-degree sodomy; second- and third-degree rape; and third-degree sodomy for alleged abuses dating back to 2005, according to court documents.
The incidents allegedly occurred while Martin lived on Anderson City Road.
He has also been indicted in Shelby County, where he also previously lived, according to court documents.
Martin’s attorney asked Judge Charles Hickman to have the ankle bracelet because he said it doesn’t work properly and that it prohibits him from doing his job.
Hickman authorized the attorney to contact the company that provides the ankle bracelet and get the one Martin wears fixed or replaced.
Martin is out of jail on a $10,000 cash bond.
Martin allegedly made two children under the age of 12 perform sex acts on each other while he watched, according to court documents.
Martin’s alleged activities surfaced in 2005 when a girl under the age of 12 claimed he forced her and her step-brother to perform sexual acts on each other, according to court documents. The children were apparently in fifth and sixth grade.
The girl claimed Martin forced them to act as boyfriend-girlfriend, and provided shots of Southern Comfort mixed with Mountain Dew.
The boy refuted the allegations at the time, but has since offered statements mirroring some of the girl’s claims.
The girl claimed Martin forced her and the boy to perform the acts hundreds of times in a bedroom. When the boy refused, she claims Martin beat him and “smashed his head into the wall.”
She also claims that Martin threatened them if they revealed what he was making them do, and at times had guns lying on the bed he made them use, according to court documents.
In a separate statement, another girl claims Martin forced her to perform oral sex on him “50 to 100” times, and a different boy claims Martin physically abused him and repeatedly tried to get him to wear girls clothing.
Martin was arrested last August and, according to police reports denied the allegations.
Police reports say that following his denials, Martin “broke down” and started begging the state police officers to shoot him, adding that he would kill himself if left alone.

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