Judge orders doody duty for restroom vandals

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Teens who smeared feces in park bathroom clean it as deputy, parents watch

By Ben Carlson

They probably would have preferred to go to jail.
Four teens who allegedly smeared feces on commodes and damaged a restroom in the county park were ordered by Judge-Executive John Wayne Conway to clean it up Monday afternoon.
With a deputy and some of their parents standing watch, the teens were forced to scrub fecal matter off the floor, commodes and walls, as well as clean up other messes they made Saturday afternoon.
“I don’t expect they’ll like cleaning up their own feces as much as they liked putting it there,” said Conway, who opted to make the teens clean up their mess instead of pressing charges.
“I want to teach them a lesson, and figure this would be worse than going to court.”
The teens were caught entering the restroom on the park video surveillance system, and seen exiting the restroom in a cloud of smoke.
“They set all the toilet paper on fire on the floor,” said Conway. “You could see them on the video tape coming out coughing and smoke rolling out the bathroom door.”
Conway said they also tore up the paper towel dispenser and damaged one of the stalls.
He said those costs will be determined and shared with the teens’ parents.
“If they scorched the floor by setting the toilet paper on fire, that paint’s about $85 a gallon, and we’ll want that taken care of, too.”
The park restrooms, which are open 24 hours a day, have apparently been active in other, more amorous ways.
“A young man and young woman went in there and stayed for nearly an hour and a half,” Conway said. “And that was in the middle of the afternoon.
“The week before, someone had gotten up in the attic and left behind underwear and panties.”