Jury trial set for August for father charged with tying up child

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By The Staff

A final pretrial conference hearing and jury trial for Herbert Medley, one of three charged with criminal abuse of a 3-year-old girl, has been scheduled for Aug. 19 at 9 a.m. in Anderson Circuit Court, according to court documents.  
Herbert Medley appeared in Anderson Circuit Court on March 4 for a status hearing, according to court documents.
One of the suspects in the child-tying case has already been sentenced for criminal abuse — the child’s grandmother Carolyn Case.
Case pleaded guilty to one count of second-degree criminal abuse, and was sentenced Feb. 18 to five years’ prison in the Department of Corrections with no possibility for probation.  
Herbert Medley, along with the girl’s mother Rebecca Medley and the girl’s grandmother Carolyn Case, was first charged with first-degree criminal abuse in September 2012.
The girl was tied up on a bed at Case’s residence at 1024 Terri Lane from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. each day, according to documents on file in Anderson Circuit Court.
She was also tied to the bed for a two-hour nap, and spent an additional four hours tied up for discipline, according to the documents. She was also tied up to a booster seat in a kitchen chair for up to an hour a day for discipline.
The girl was tied up with a curtain sash by lacing it through the arm holes in her shirt and behind her back. It was then fastened to the bed using a large horse collar safety pin, according to court documents. The sash was also used to tie her to a kitchen chair.
Case, the grandmother, told investigating troopers with the Kentucky State Police that the girl “spent more time tied up than free,” according to documents.
The girl was being tied up from June 1 through Aug. 3, when a child protective services worker alerted the state police.
Troopers arrived at Case’s residence where she admitted tying up the girl and showed them the curtain sash and bed.
Troopers then interviewed the Medleys. Rebecca Medley refuted the grandmother’s claim that the girl was tied up for four hours to the bed and another hour to a chair for discipline, saying the times were half that amount, according to the report.
She did confirm that the girl was tied up for 10 hours each night, according to the report. She added that Case began the practice of tying up the girl and continued doing so for the two months it was conducted. She told police that she and Case tied the girl up the about the same number of times and that Herbert Medley, her husband, knew about it, and that they “fought” about it on a regular basis, according to the report.
Herbert Medley told police he knew about the girl being tied up but “felt he could not tell anyone because Case had threatened to kick them out of the residence.”
He said that Case started the practice and showed his wife how to do it.

Case to be arraigned on perjury Tuesday
Carolyn Case, who has been sentenced to five years’ prison on a criminal abuse charge, is scheduled to be arraigned for perjury charge on Tuesday, March 18 at 9 a.m. in Anderson Circuit Court.
Case was arrested and charged for one count of perjury on Feb. 7 after being indicted for allegedly falsifying her financial status to obtain a taxpayer-provided attorney.
The charge stemmed from an investigation by the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office after The Anderson News conducted an investigation into Case’s claims of indigency in late December 2013.