Keep praying for tornado victims

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To the editor:
We left Friday morning and returned Monday afternoon. Hackleburg Ala., is grieving the death of 29 people from the tornado that hit April 28, as well as losing 38 of their 39 businesses.
Many homes were totally destroyed in the tornado, leaving many people with no where to go or stay, with some still to this day living in tents.
There is so much I can inform Lawrenceburg about my experiences there. However, serving others was a great experience.
I want to thank those in Lawrenceburg who donated items and money. Without loving and caring people, Hackleburg would be a total lose.
We are planning another trip to Hackleburg. I met a lot of good people that are now my extended family. Please be in prayer to all those that are suffering from Mother Nature.
My husband, Scott Chesser, and brother, Ron Murphy, were also working hard that weekend on the chainsaw crews. The need is great there for skilled chainsaw men or women. All you need to do is get your saws and drive to Hackleburg, about six hours away. God, thank you for keeping my town safe from Mother Nature.
The Chesser family