King is example of Dems’ war on women

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To the editor:
Any one who state Rep. Kim King comes in contact with knows she is a real jewel; a fine Christian, freedom-loving American.
Kim in all things puts "we the people" first.
Kim is known, not just here but across this nation, as a great freedom fighter, and today more then ever she is greatly needed.
Democrats claim there is a war on women. They should know because here in Anderson County it’s being waged against Kim King.
The phrase "the good old boys" is well known from Washington, DC, to Frankfort and resides right here in Lawrenceburg. If you don't like the label, then only you can change the image.
If you have not noticed our nation is out of money — meaning broke. We need fiscally responsible men and women to represent us from top to bottom.
We need government small enough to stay out of our way and big enough to protect our freedom. Government needs to be put back in its place — the politicians work for us, not the other way around.
There are so many Americans working together and united to save our freedom of religion, speech our economy so our children and grandchildren have a country to call their own.
If you have woken up since the 2008 election — I hope to God you have — and don't take a stand for what you know is right wow will you ever explain this to your children?
Remember that during this election you need to vote as if your life depends on it, because it does.
And remember Kim King — she will continue making us proud. God bless her and her family.
Karen Richardson