Lawrenceburg man seeks help getting soldiers home for Christmas

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A Lawrenceburg man is raising money through Dec. 20 to help soldiers stationed with his son in Colorado get home for Christmas.

“A lot of people think the Army pays for them to get home, but it doesn’t,” said Rodney Goodlett, whose son, Seth, is with the Army Calvary and is stationed at Fort Carson, Colo.

Goodlett said he’s paying for his son to get home, but soldiers stationed there with him simply can’t afford it.

As a result, Goodlett has been combing businesses in and around Lawrenceburg and a last-minute dash for cash.

Goodlett said anyone interested in helping can simply take money to either Century Bank branch in Lawrenceburg.

“One lady gave me a dollar,” said Goodlett, who has already raised several hundred dollars. “That meant as much to me as getting 100.”

Goodlett said donations have to be made by Dec. 20, and that his son, with help from his first sergeant, will make sure the money is distributed to soldiers who need it.

“Every penny will go to a soldier,” he said.

More information is available on Goodlett’s Facebook page, he said.

Goodlett said participating businesses include Century Bank, Commonwealth Credit Union, Bluebird Café, NAPA, Edwardo’s, Citizen’s Commerce Bank in Versailles, along with the Anderson County Board of Education.