Learn about Rajesh, help stop slavery

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By Nicholas Hardin

Although most people consider slavery non-existent, slavery does exist in many different countries, including the U.S. Research on slavery shows that an estimate of 27 million people are enslaved. That number is more than the number of slaves that were enslaved when slavery was legal back in the 1800s.  Several examples from videos, texts, and even a survey shows the world what slavery is like.
One example of forced labor is Rajesh. He worked in India. He took a small loan from the landlord of the nearby farm to help pay his family’s medical bills. From the moment he took the loan, he sold himself into bonded slavery. For thirty years, he worked on the landlord fields.
Another example of slavery is Raman. He was forced to work in a rice mill. He worked and worked to try to pay of his grandfather’s debt, but no matter how much he worked, his debt just kept getting higher. That is an example of debt bondage. I watched many YouTube videos about him.
Abdul was a little kid when he worked as a slave. He was only 10. He was brought into another country and he needed money so bad that he started working as a slave. He worked on a cocoa farm. He had injuries from the machete that he used to cut down cocoa plants. He was lucky enough to have the clothes on his back. I got this information from CNN’s Freedom Project.   
There are numerous examples of true stories told by people that were once enslaved.   Slavery still exists in many countries. Slavery is a horrible tragedy, and for many enslaved people, the stories do not end with freedom.
Help stop slavery.