LETTER: Frankfort/Lexington are full of ‘cheap gold diggers’

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To the editor:
As a retired couple playing tourists, my wife and I took a 46-day, 9,700 mile road trip through the southern states, including making hotel reservations for Sept. 23-24 in Frankfort.
After making these reservations, I then tried to make reservations for the next two nights in Lexington, but found the room rates to be $400 a night due to the World Equestrian Games, in which I had no interest.
I then called the [Frankfort] hotel and added two nights to my reservation at the same rate of $85.77 plus tax. [The man], to whom I spoke to earlier, confirmed the rate at least twice.
When I checked into the hotel Sept. 23, I was told that the rate would skyrocket to $270 per night on the 25th and 26th due to the Games. I requested they honor the contract I made on June 2, but the manager refused.
We left on the 25th, two days early.
I can appreciate your pride and joy in attracting and holding the Equestrian Games, but that is no reason to increase hotel rates and other costs to visitors to astronomical levels. It leaves a very unwelcome taste in the mouth of all the visitors who feel you are nothing but a bunch of cheap gold diggers.
We have traveled all over the world and will never return to the Lexington/Frankfort area, as your cities are not friendly, welcoming, honest or sincere.
Stuart L. Posselt
Minden, Nev.