LETTER: New judge-executive will be ‘watched’

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To the editor:
Well, well, it looks like Washington, DC, here in good old Anderson County.
Was it pure politics when Judge-Executive John Wayne Conway praised [former highway forman Chip] Chambers, saying he was the best county highway supervisor in the state?
Now, Conway says, Chambers just doesn’t fit in.
I know I speak for many and, at this point, we whole- heartedly don’t think Conway fits in with “we, the people’s” agenda.
So there, how does it feel Mr. Conway? This is Washington politics and frankly, Americans are sick of that way of doing business. It is not whether you are a Democrat, Republican or independent, we want the best working for our nation, state and county.
Now we want whoever is in to work for the people.
Keep your personal feelings to yourself and put our county first.
Chambers was great, now he just doesn’t fit in. Do you know how that sounds? Vindictive, to me.
With that kind of attitude, you may not be the right man for the job yourself. It may be to late now, but you will be watched. I think a little dose of humility, meaning one showing a little courtesy to your fellow man, is needed here.
What was right is now wrong with Chip Chambers, can you explain that, Mr. Conway?
Karen Richardson