LETTER: Stealing from child’s gravesite is just wrong

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To the editor:
I have never written a letter to the editor, but I need to let everyone who have has lost a loved one that my heart goes out to you.
If they are at rest here in Lawrenceburg Cemetery, then I urge to go and check your loved one’s grave.
My husband and I were at our son’s grave a few days ago and we noticed that he had some things missing. His nightlights were missing, as was another item from his headstone.
I also have a friend who lost her daughter, and she was missing some items from her stone.
Do people not have a heart, or do they just not give a darn? Are they without a job and feel that stealing from the dead is OK and no one will mind or miss it?
Something needs to be done about this before it gets any worse. I really think that our mayor needs to have security cameras installed throughout the cemetery in an effort to stop whoever is responsible for this.
How can you sleep at night knowing that you stole from someone’s grave? Whoever you are, I hope you are reading this and ask yourself what if it were your family member someone was trying to make a buck off?
You really do need to grow up and realize that stealing will get you nowhere, and eventually you will get caught.
Again, anyone who has lost a loved one, I feel your pain, and hopefully this has not or will not happen to you.
Kathy Russell