LETTER: Suggestion: Give Chambers Carlson’s job

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To the editor:
I just read [last week’s edition of] The Anderson News and I am wondering if everyone who loses their job will get a front page article about it, with the fired employee going on and on about how unfair it is.
Mr. Chip Chambers applauded the constitutional right to run for office. The county judge-executive has the constitutional right to hire and fire the county road supervisor.
What about that, Mr. Chambers? Also, when you were hired by [former judge-executive] Anthony Stratton, did he tell you the job was for life, or did he tell you the truth — that each judge will decide who holds that job?
I know other county employees who were worried about losing their jobs if you won the election. Would everyone you didn’t re-hire get a front page pity party in The Anderson News? I doubt it.
Each elected county judge-executive forms his or her own administration. He [or she] is not obligated to keep people from the outgoing administration. That is how it is and you know it.
This is not personal, as I do not even know you, Mr. Chambers. I hope you can find a good job in 2011. I just couldn’t stand the whining and the fact that [Editor Ben] Carlson again chose to write and run a story that has no business on the front page — just trying to stir things up. Now there’s a guy who needs to be fired. Maybe you could take his job, Mr. Chambers.
Anyone would do a better job there. Maybe you would at least try to be fair and unbiased in reporting on our new judge-executive this next four years. Mr. Carlson won’t. He will tear Judge Conway down week by week, front page news.
Mary K. Dahlen