Letters to the Editor - 03.11

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By The Staff

Carlton’s letter missed the mark

To the editor:

Will Carlton missed the point I was trying to make in his letter last week titled ‘Missed opportunity to teach a lesson.’

His letter makes me out to be this father who is ranting and raving over his child not making “whatever team they tried out for.”

It was not my intention on making this personal. I was merely stating a problem, as well as speaking for others that I know share in my thinking.

I was not pointing fingers at anyone. I was just stating an opinion that I feel is shared by others and to those I have talked with.

I am not interested in dragging someone’s name through the mud. That shows no class at all. This was not a “missed opportunity to teach a lesson,” as Mr. Carlton stated. The situation itself teaches a lesson in life as well as how “society” is.

Mr. Carlton also stated, “sometimes effort alone is not enough.” I wonder what else you have to have.

Since Mr. Carlton has made this personal, I wish to tell him that I do pat my kids on the back when they give 110 percent. I always have and always will. As a matter of fact, I have for the last three years of tryouts. And yet I keep on encouraging my children and support them no matter what. But kids are smart enough to see what is going on. It is my opinion that there are quite a few other parents that understand this issue as well.

I have never taught my kids to point fingers or blame anyone for things of this nature or any other situation. It’s just a sad fact in our society. Too bad some people just don’t see it that way.

Alan Phillips


‘Operation Criss Cross’ still alive

To the editor:

My mother Agnes McBrayer had a dream that every Christian home in Lawrenceburg had a cross in the front yard as a witness to those who don’t know Christ.

Mother had always been a faithful worker in her church, but in recent years health issues kept her from being an active participant.

She often wondered why God kept her here since she felt she could not longer be useful. One night she had a dream about the cross. The next morning she was eager to get started with what became known as “Operation Criss Cross.”

Brother Rick Shannon, pastor at Alton Baptist Church, spearheaded the project and soon, crosses were appearing in yards all around town.

People were encouraged to display them from Easter 2008 until Easter 2009.

There is still time before Easter 2009 to a put a cross in your yard. It’s a good way for our Christian community to express its faith.

My mother went to be with her Lord last August but her witness needs to live on.

If you need a cross in your yard, call me at 839-4693.

Janice Clark


Swallow pride and ask for help

To the editor:

Recently my husband and I, who are disabled senior citizens, found it necessary to swallow our pride and ask the community action agency for help.

Seniors like us find it impossible to ask our adult children for assistance because we don’t want them to know we can’t afford large home repairs and we don’t want them to worry that we can’t take care of ourselves.

However, serious illness and physical disability made it necessary.

People on low incomes can get help weather-proofing their homes, repairing or replacing old appliances, checking and adding insulation, stopping air leaks or even repairing or replacing your roof — all free.

The repair people and employees of the agency are all kind, generous, honest and skilled craftsmen. They treat you like a member of their family who they enjoy helping with respect.

All you need to do is call their office and take the necessary information they need to process your request. After one visit they take care of everything else.

We have been helped so much and feel blessed to have found out about the agency.

Shirley May