Letters to the Editor

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By The Staff

Stevens is sincere, hardworking

To the editor:


This letter of recommendation is gladly written on behalf of a long-time good personal friend, Kent Stevens.


Quite candidly, I met Kent several years ago while buying feed for my cattle. I was most impressed with his friendly attitude and it immediately enabled us to establish what has become a lasting friendship. I would say from my continued relationship over the years with Kent that he certainly has the qualities of a great leader.


I now understand that he is the candidate to succeed Milward Dedman for state representative. I feel so strongly about Kent that I am enthusiastically sharing my great respect for (him) and encouraging democrats and republicans of Anderson, Mercer and Spencer counties to support his candidacy for state representative.


I know that Kent will address all citizens concerns because he has consistently over the years discussed political and public policy concerns with me.


I truly believe that Kent Stevens is a sincere, hardworking individual and will work endlessly to represent all citizens of Anderson, Mercer and Spencer counties.


Please join me in supporting Kent Stevens for state representative on Nov. 4.

James Sargent



Gray is best choice for state rep

To the editor:

I am writing to encourage the vote for Tim Gray, who is running for state representative.


Tim is as solid and steady as they come.


His reputation for honesty, integrity and solid family values undergird the fortitude he will take to Frankfort as our new representative for the 55th District.


His experience as a business owner, pastor, husband and father adds further strength to his resume, which includes the challenges of overcoming an early childhood handicap.


We need Tim Gray in our seat in the legislature to meet the numerous challenges we are facing in building the future of our great commonwealth.


T.A. Green



Gray a good, Christian man

To the editor:


We would like to ask the people of Anderson, Mercer and Spencer counties to think seriously of voting for Timothy Gray for our next state representative.


Timothy is a good, moral family man. He is everything we need in our political offices.


He is a well-respected, trustworthy man, but most of all a good Christian man.


He is the pastor of our church (Benton Baptist) and I am very proud to have him as our leader.


Let’s put some good Christian people in office, for that is what our nation needs more than anything is prayer and discipline in our schools.


We need to get God back in our nation.


He has been left out for too long.


Please vote for Timothy Gray for our next state representative.


Wayne and Trevor Hill



Media not doing its job

To the editor:


Why doesn’t the public know about the majority of the presidential candidates?


There are six candidates running nationwide. Cynthia McKinney couldn’t get on the ballot in racist Kentucky, so there are five candidates here. Yet nobody knows about them.


The media blackout on independent candidates is the reason our democracy is [failing]. There are 42 “safe states” — states where either Obama or McCain has won, so neither one campaigns in those states.


This makes 42 states irrelevant in the 2008 presidential election. Neither McCain nor Obama care about the poverty, low education, lack of jobs and higher prices in Kentucky.


They care about Ohio and Florida, but not Kentucky. If Kentucky is to become relevant, we are going to need more leaders with vision and media [with guts].


Jonathan Masters



Liars and oil stocks

To the editor:


While watching TV the other night I found myself smothered with political ads.


As I watched them I noticed someone was lying, but just which one of them I couldn’t figure out.


One candidate says his opponent did this and that, and the very next ad on the tube says the other one is not telling the truth and that he didn’t do anything like that.


Where I come from not telling the truth is called lying. If one politician is telling lies on the other and trying to make him look bad enough that I won’t vote for him, aren’t there legal avenues he can take and sue him for defamation of character?


Or could it be they have a gentlemen’s agreement between them so they can say whatever they want about each other and neither will press charges?


Could it be they are just trying to see which one can tell the best story that the majority of voters will believe just to get themselves elected?


My non-political mind tells me that neither of these candidates is deserving of my vote, but since this is my state and my country it is my duty to vote.


My vote on Election Day will not be for the best man for the job; it will be for the lesser of two evils. It will be for the person I feel will do my state, country and me the least harm. Should he win and do nothing but put money in his pocket and get a life-long pension, I will work to make sure he is never elected to another public office. My opinion would be to vote them all out of office and start from scratch, but that wouldn’t be possible or safe. With almost every household having a computer or access to one, every voting person should do their homework and find out everything they can about every candidate.


Don’t believe the first thing you read, either. Search and read and then search and read some more. The stakes are too high not to.


For what it’s worth, I called a politician’s office awhile back, who I’ll leave nameless right now, and when I started to ask how much oil stock all of these congressmen own, I was interrupted and told, “I’m sorry I’ll have to let you go.” That politician should never spend another day in office. But that’s just my opinion.


Dennis Stidham