Letters to the editor - 10.21

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By The Staff

Where’s ‘revolt’ over sewer billing?

To the editor:

Have any citizens written opinions to The Anderson News about the sewer billing in Lawrenceburg?

I’m surprised people haven’t begun a revolt.

We live in Briar Creek and recently had to water quite a bit outside to get new grass to germinate before cold weather (we did have a dry spell in September) and I just received my water bill for the month.

I am baffled at how they do this. Sewer is assumed based on your water usage. First of all, this is a ridiculous way to calculate citizens’ bills. Every time you water a flower, wash your car, fill up a kids’ pool, etc., you are basically getting ripped off because that water hits the ground and either evaporates into the air or runs into the storm water runoff drains. Yet the good old folks that send you the water bill will charge you for it because they assume it went back through your plumbing into their system.  Ludicrous.

And on top of that they are charging over 100 percent of the rate of water usage, so for every dollar you pay for water coming into your house, they are charging you over a dollar for the sewer they assume is going out of your house.

I have gone to South Anderson Water and City Hall in person, and I’ve called both places as well three or four times, and no one acts like they are responsible for the billing.

This is outrageous and I simply can’t believe that the citizens of Lawrenceburg are sitting back and accepting this.

If McDonald’s charged you for six burgers and you only ordered and ate one, would you accept that?

Shawn Crowe

Briar Creek