Letters to the editor - 10/27

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Response to puppy killing, murder worth notice

To the editor:
Your editorial about the attention directed by the blogging public to the dog killing and the lady’s murder answered my curiosity about whether the unequal responses devoted to each would be noticed.
Obviously, you noticed.
 For what it’s worth, I believe the somewhat quiet reaction to the murder is that most folks accept as fact the person responsible is, without doubt, vicious, evil and dangerous, and should be punished to the full extent of the Kentucky Penal Code, if for no other reason than for the protection of society.  This offense is clearly the more serious, in terms of both civil and moral law.
However, the dog killing appears to have received more attention because, in my opinion, most of us, perhaps even subconsciously, realize that anyone capable of treating a defenseless animal in such fashion would not treat people any better.
 I do appreciate the fact you made the public aware of the inconsistency.  Keep asking questions.
Bill Patrick

Stivers good choice for PVA
To the editor;
Mr. Brian Stivers is running for property valuation administrator (PVA) and I would like to share with your readers my insight into this vital position in our community. The PVA is charged with assessing all property, both real and personal, that lies within Anderson County.
These duties need an individual with a strong sense of community and excellent communication skills to assist residents of Anderson County.
I have known Brian Stivers for nearly 40 years. Brian only left Anderson County to attend college and then returned to his home community to work, live and raise a family. I have watched him become the man of integrity he is today, marry the love of his life, and raise two wonderful children in our community. Brian is not only committed to living in this community, he already serves as a public servant to Anderson County.
Brian has spent the last six years as the chief deputy of the Anderson County PVA. Many of you have likely been helped by Brian when you have needed assistance from the PVA. Brian is always helpful, courteous and most of all, knowledgeable.
I am proud to call Brian Stivers my friend and I know he is a candidate who deeply cares about this community. I urge Anderson County to vote with me for Brian Stivers. You won’t regret it.
Dana Montgomery Adams

Dutton should be re-elected
To the editor:
I had the privilege to work with Judge Donna Dutton a number of years in the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. Judge Dutton has a radiant personality and an outstanding work ethic.
Judge Dutton cares about people and treats each individual in a fair, courteous and professional manner. The years I worked with her, Donna Dutton helped everyone in our department, as well as anyone in the Commonwealth of Kentucky who needed help.
Judge Dutton is from an outstanding Christian family in Union County. She was reared on a farm and has a great appreciation for rural life. Donna and her husband, Gilmore, have three children and a wonderful Christian home in Shelbyville.
Judge Dutton is very intelligent and highly competent. She has demonstrated these qualities as our present district judge.
I am asking all my fellow Anderson Countians to re-elect Donna Dutton for district judge in the non-partisan election on Nov. 2.
Wendell D. Bruce

Support Conway for judge-executive
To the editor:
I would like to express my appreciation for the support of John Wayne Conway during the benefit held for me at Mt. Pleasant on Saturday. He was the only candidate running for office that made an appearance and a sizable donation to my medical care. Although he has been busy with his campaign, he has taken the time to see me during my unfortunate illness.
I have known John Wayne and his family all of my life and have always found him to be very honest and trustworthy. He has done so much for the Western Anderson area over the years. I am sure he will do the same for the rest of the county when elected.
John Wayne made the comment Saturday that he wasn’t there looking for support, but to be there to support us during this time of need.
I urge the residents of Anderson County to please vote for John Wayne for judge executive and work with him to solve the problems we are now facing in Anderson County.
Karen Waterfill Caldwell

Young is good for Anderson County
To the editor: 
I would like to a few minutes to tell you about my relationship with Troy Young and why I believe he should be re-elected as sheriff of Anderson County.
I first met Troy Young as a teenager in the DARE program. The DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program educates our youth on the dangers of illegal drugs and equips them with many strategies on how to avoid drugs and deal with the peer pressure that comes with that age.  I have used a great deal of the knowledge I learned in the DARE program over the years in my role as a coach, teacher, and now as a middle school assistant principal.  
Troy Young was instrumental in the creation of Bearcat Madness, an action packed night full of community involvement which celebrates the beginning of Anderson County’s boy’s and girl’s high school basketball teams’ seasons.
As a player on the first team to experience Bearcat Madness, and later as a coach for the boy’s team, I know how much time and effort Troy and his wife, Benita, put into this event.  The players and community look forward to Bearcat Madness each year and this excitement is in no small part due to the efforts of Troy Young.
On a more personal note, Troy is great friend with a big heart.  Almost all high school seniors have professional pictures taken for the yearbook and to trade with their friends.  My family’s financial situation was not going to allow me to have any senior pictures made.  I’m still not sure how, but Troy Young got wind of this and showed up after school one day with his camera in hand and took my senior pictures free of charge.  I have to believe there have been many more seniors through the years to benefit from Troy’s generosity.
In closing, Troy Young has been good to me, and he has been good to Anderson County.  His outstanding record as Anderson County Sheriff is well documented.  I urge the citizens of Anderson County to vote to re-elect Troy Young in the upcoming election.       
Will Carlton

CASA thanks Auxiliary
To the editor,
Franklin County CASA Inc., expanded to Anderson County, recently placed an advertisement in the Anderson News on Wednesday, Oct. 13. This advertisement was a “thank you” to our sponsors for the 2010 Anderson County Burgoo Festival. We would like to make a correction to this advertisement. We thanked the “VFW Women’s Auxiliary” when it should have been written as the “American Legion Auxiliary Unit 34.”
CASA apologizes for this mistake and would like to formally thank the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 34 for its donation and support of the 2010 Anderson County Burgoo Festival.
Bailey Preston

Chandler is a friend to Anderson County
To the editor:
Ben Chandler has done a great job for the people of the 6th Congressional District and especially the people of Anderson County. I have had the honor of knowing and working with Ben Chandler all through his illustrious political career. Ben has fought for the people of Kentucky for years as auditor and attorney general to expose government corruption, to hold government officials fiscally accountable, and most importantly, to rid our state and communities of prescription drug abuse.
As attorney general, Ben established a drug task force that created the K.A.S.P.E.R. system that allowed both medical providers and law enforcement officials to quickly identify and act on illegal drug activity.
As our congressman, Ben has represented the 6th District with the same tireless effort and commitment. With revenues shrinking, and the ever-increasing tight budgets we have experienced through our city and county governments, Ben continues to push for the appropriations we so desperately need. This funding has provided the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office with mobile data terminals and upgraded the Searcy School Bridge.
Remember, it’s not about party ideology. We need someone in Washington who knows us. We need someone like Ben Chandler who actually cares about Anderson County, who is accessible, approachable and is a strong independent voice for Kentucky.
Vote for Ben Chandler. We can’t afford to lose him in congress.
Jack Coleman

Stivers is best for PVA
To the editor:
Brian Stivers is the best candidate for the office of Anderson County Property Valuation Administrator. I have known Brian since he was a child and know him to be kind, honest and helpful to people. I have seen him go out of his way many times to help someone in need. Coaching little league football and working with the food pantry are just two of the many ways he contributes to our community.
Brian is always available and has the knowledge to talk with taxpayers who have questions about their assessments and other aspects of the PVA office. Our PVA office has always been one of the best in Kentucky, and Brian is committed to keeping it that way.
I would appreciate your vote for Brian Stivers for PVA.
Judy Crawford
Deputy PVA

McCormick is best choice for sheriff
To the editor:
Jeff McCormick should be the next Anderson County sheriff. Why?
Jeff is not a politician.
Jeff is 100 percent law enforcement.
Jeff is the only candidate talking about future plans for law enforcement.
Jeff will target the drug pushers.
Jeff will strengthen domestic violence and child abuse investigations and enforcement.
Jeff will seek support for a “victims of domestic violence” center.
Jeff will increase criminal investigations.
Jeff will increase patrols for all of the county.
Anderson County will reap many benefits with Jeff as your sheriff.
I know what Jeff will do — I should, I’m his dad.
Don R. McCormick

Drury will bring in ‘new era of government’
To the editor:
When I think of my sister, Donna Crain Drury, this quote comes to mind: “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” (Author unknown).
As I think of Anderson County and my sister as our next county judge-executive, my thoughts are, “If we the people of Anderson County can imagine it, we can become it. If we can dream it, we can achieve it.”
We can only “become it” and “achieve it” if we elect Donna Crain Drury as our next county judge-executive.
Donna will be an attribute to Anderson County government and fiscal court (your elected magistrates), and to the people of this community. Donna is a leader who is passionate about the citizens and very passionate about bringing good things into the future of Anderson County. I know this because she is my sister.
Donna has the ability to inspire and motivate others to achieve goals that others may feel is impossible to reach. She is always sincere with her encouraging and supportive words and is an excellent communicator. She is a go-getter and will not leave any stone unturned for the wants and needs of this community that we so deserve. Donna has the will, power and strength to fight for our families, friends, neighbors and citizens of all ages because of her love of this community.
I have seen my sister devote her time to help others and her desire to give back. She organized a non-profit organization (TWIGS) in Anderson County approximately 30 years ago and was active in fund-raising to support the organization which helped pay medical expenses of Anderson County children at Kosair Children’s Hospital.
She has organized and been active in the Relay for Life teams in Anderson County for many years. She founded and organized the Anderson County Diabetes Coalition along with lobbying before legislators for this cause. She has been giving to the religious sector by writing grant applications for churches and non-profit organizations.
She is currently assisting and participating in a non-profit group in their works of bringing medical providers to this community to assist with free services for citizens in need.
Donna has given of her personal time and gone that extra mile in supporting many non-profit organizations because of her love of health and happiness for those less fortunate.
Donna is the owner and operator of Mirrors of Grace, an etiquette program for our youth. She created this program for young girls and boys because she knows the importance of children having good manners in today’s world so they can be successful in college and the work place.
She is a former business owner and operator of the former Mountjoy Market, with her husband, Larry E. Drury. She retired from state government after many dedicated years of service and her experience working for and with state and local governments in the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet. While there, her responsibilities and experience included, but are not limited to, citizen complaints, grant writing, enforcement of Kentucky rules and regulations, personnel matters, Equal Employment Opportunity Officer, management, employee training and organization of workgroups.
After retirement, she continued working and was employed at Midway College assisting prospective and current students with receipt of financial aid, many of which are Anderson County citizens and professionals. She was a contract employee with Kentucky Homeland Security where she assisted local governments, including Anderson County, in protecting citizens from being victims from possible terrorism. Her work involved classified duties performed for the CIA, FBI, armed forces and other top secret agencies, and she was employed as an executive assistant to the chief executive officer and other chief officers and physicians of the Frankfort Regional Medical Center.
Her last employment was with Connect Kentucky, which is a non-profit company that works to help local communities to get high speed Internet by bringing together multiple entities in communities as well as working to provide free computers to schools and agencies for children in areas of the underprivileged.
Working primarily with government, she also worked in various professions and is always willing and eager to learn and gain more knowledge for whatever her future was to hold.
She has been exemplary in her accomplishments and has received numerous awards and recognitions for her dedication and contributions by her past employers.
During her working career she continued her education on a college level and was able to maintain her responsibilities to her family and working career. Through her desire to become more knowledgeable, whether it be personal or professional, she has proven that there is no task she can’t handle.
Being professional and of astounding credibility in the business world of government and in the private sector, Donna will bring our government to a new level. She will be our voice in bringing change and growth through leadership and communication.
On a personal note, Donna is a true believer that you are never too old to learn and grow. She is so right in this belief as I have lived the experience with Donna’s encouragement and supporting love for me as I ventured out into college at a very late age.
Setting the sister relationship aside, there is nothing — absolutely nothing — that is impossible in Donna’s heart. You are what you make of yourself and those around you.
We, as citizens of Anderson County, can follow Donna’s lead in continuing to learn and to grow to achieve remarkable rewards for Anderson County with your support in electing her as our county judge-executive.
I ask that you take an opportunity to review my sister’s platform of her campaign, her working experience, educational growth, knowledge, training abilities, contributions, dedication and accomplishments and compare these qualifications to the other candidates for Anderson County judge-executive and make an informed decision before casting your vote on Nov. 2.
Donna can and will move us forward in a new era of government for the betterment of a bright and promising future for this community and its citizens.
Thank you for your time and consideration in electing my sister, Donna Crain Drury, who I admire, respect and love, as your next Anderson County judge-executive.
Brenda Crain Cummins

With Young, ‘sheriff’s office is in good hands’
To the editor:
We would like to encourage all Anderson County citizens to join us in voting to re-elect Sheriff Troy Young on Nov. 2.
With all the close political races this year and so many people looking for change, it is so good to know that the sheriff’s office is in good hands and does not need a change.
Sheriff Young has some of the best people working for him. They are always so friendly and courteous and willing to help, just like the sheriff. And nobody cares about the young people of this county more than Sheriff Young. His office is always having some kind of program for them.
While we may have some tough decisions to make in the other races this year, the sheriff’s race is a no-brainer. Sheriff Young is already doing a great job. It’s easy to support someone who has spent his entire life devoting himself to the people of this county.
Join us in re-electing Sheriff Troy Young on Nov. 2.
Jimmy and Shawna Fitzpatrick

Vote McCormick on Nov. 2
To the editor:
I would encourage the citizens of Anderson County to vote in the November election for Jeff McCormick.
I came to know a young man named Jeff when my husband, Bruce Franklin, was fire chief of Anderson County. His young men that he trained considered him to be not only their chief but also a father figure. Jeff grew and matured under the watchful eye of my husband.
Jeff is a fine example of a caring, considerate person. He left the fire department to attend college, majoring in police administration.
He then trained as a Department of Fish and Wildlife officer and then trained with the International Police Task Force and served in Kosovo and Iraq. I cannot begin to mention his many accomplishments or my fine regard for him. So take the time to pray about your choice when the November arrives.
My vote will definitely go to Jeff McCormick.
Virginia Franklin

Support Smith for district judge
To the editor:
I am writing to encourage our voters to vote for Darby Smith for our next district court judge. Darby represented the Alton Ruritan Club a couple of years ago when he first opened his law office in Lawrenceburg. This was over an accident that occurred on our premises.
I had never met Darby, but Betty Springate referred him to us. As a non-profit corporation, we had very little to pay him in the form of a legal retainer. Surprisingly, Darby took our case on a volunteer basis. He represented our interests thoroughly and aggressively, and ultimately found an insurance company to take over the case.
Without his help, the club could have been bankrupted. I am very thankful to Darby for all of the free work he provided our club. I hope you will all join me in casting your vote for Darby Smith as our next district judge.
Jerry Gritton

We need King in Frankfort
To the editor:
I wanted to make sure everyone knows what a jewel we have in Kim King, the candidate for state representative of our district. As a lifelong farmer, I have historically not been very involved in politics, but we can’t sit back and ignore the political process any longer.  There is too much at stake. 
State representative candidate Kim King and her husband, Cary, own and operate Four Kings Angus in Mercer County and have been very active in our county Cattlemen’s Association. Cary has served on the board for a number of years.  Kim is never far away, always attending every meeting — coming early and staying late.
She will be a true advocate for farmers. Kim understands what farmers do, what their concerns and problems are and will work hard to stand up for them in Frankfort.
Kim is a very humble person, wanting nothing for herself. Her move into the political arena is strictly on a mission to “do what’s right” for the citizens of our district. She is a very family-oriented person that will work hard to protect our children, help the workforce and make sound financial decisions for our future. We need Kim in Frankfort.
Doris Hamilton

Sentencing hard to explain
To the editor:
We found it quite interesting to compare two front-page stories in the Oct. 20 edition.
Rachel Lawhon, who sent nude photos of herself to a 12-year-old boy, was sentenced to seven years in prison. Although she pled guilty to the charges, she had no actual physical contact with the victim.
Former youth minister Gordon Lunceford, who [was initially charged with] rape, sodomy and sexually abusing minors, was able to negotiate and received five years probation. He also will not have to register as a sex offender.
What’s wrong with this picture, Judge Charles Hickman?
Maxye and Lou Henry

Dutton is best candidate for district judge
To the editor:
Judge Donna Dutton has served the residents of Anderson, Shelby and Spencer Counties well as Div. II District Judge and should be re-elected on Nov. 2. 
Judge Dutton has been tough on repeat offenders and has worked to reduce the amount of time law enforcement spend in her courtroom so they can spend more time keeping our communities safe. 
I have seen firsthand how Judge Dutton has made herself available to local police, day or night, to sign arrest warrants, search warrants and emergency protective and domestic violence orders. It is obvious that she takes her job seriously and truly cares about the communities she serves. 
On a personal note, Judge Dutton is the mother of three, an avid community volunteer and active in her church.  It has been a privilege working with Donna on both of her campaigns for district court. Her honesty, integrity and 19 years of experience practicing law at all levels of the Kentucky court system make her the best candidate to serve as District Judge.
Shelley Johnson

Elect King as state representative
To the editor:
To the voters of the 55th district, I am pleased to tell you that Kim King has received endorsements from Kentucky Right to Life, the Family First Kentucky PAC, and an AQ rating from the NRA. The “A” means the NRA agreed with her answers to their questions; the “Q” means she has never held elected office. Due to an error at the ad agency, a previous ad stated she had been endorsed by the NRA. Our family has always enjoyed hunting, fishing and target practice, and we have on multiple occasions hosted conceal/carry classes on our farm. She is very proud of her AQ rating.
She has worked with pro-life groups for many years and will always be 100 percent pro life. Kim has identified some important issues (wasteful government spending, unfunded federal mandates, etc.).
I can tell you for certain, Kim will give us 110 percent as our next state representative. I know this because I have been married to her for 30-plus years. Neither of us has ever run for any elected office, but we are concerned that the people we have leading our state have lost their way.
We have always been a team and we will continue as a team through this chapter of our lives. Please, tell all your friends to get out and vote on Nov. 2.
She’s not a politician; vote Kim King for state representative. Let’s change the direction of this great state.
Cary M. King

Young has ‘dedication and distinction’
To the editor:
This letter is in full support of the reelection of Troy Young for Sheriff of Anderson County.
He has served the people of Anderson County with dedication and distinction for many years in law enforcement and has done an outstanding job as sheriff of Anderson County.
We are most fortunate to have someone of Troy’s qualifications and dedication willing to serve the people of Anderson County in this most important job.
He is a devoted family man and friend, and I am honored to recommend to the good people of Anderson County to re-elect Troy Young as sheriff.
 Joe L. McCormick

Young will lead with professionalism
To the editor:
I’m writing this letter in support of re-electing our sheriff, Troy Young.
I’ve known Troy for most of his life. I know his family and the way he was brought up. I know he is a great family man and a role model for his three sons. His character and background are beyond reproach and that is the way he runs our sheriff’s office, with professionalism, honesty and integrity. Like any good leader, he has hired some great people to perform the duties of the office, and this shows in the quality of service the people of Anderson County receive.
His employees admire and respect him. I know this because one of them is my son, Joe Milam. He loves going to work each day for the people of this county, and it’s because of the way the sheriff’s office operates under the leadership of Troy Young. We need Sheriff Young to stay.
Don’t forget to vote to keep Troy Young as sheriff on Nov. 2.
LuAlice Milam-Dockal

‘Sheriff Young is Anderson County’
To the editor:
As election time draws near, I begin to think about which candidates deserve the opportunity to prove themselves as elected officials. As this process unfolds in my mind, it is evident that I have had the opportunity to live and work in a community that is safe and family-oriented. It is upon this realization, the crime rate, and the community involvement of the DARE program that I whole-heartedly endorse Sheriff Troy Young for re-election as Anderson County Sheriff.
When I moved to this community, I remember meeting Sheriff Young at a community event. Sheriff Young, not only introduced himself, but welcomed my wife and me to Anderson County. That was six years ago. In that time period, I have had the opportunity to get to know Sheriff Young personally and professionally.
On a personal level, I learned that Sheriff Young is a man of strong character, integrity and focus, and possesses an insurmountable passion to be the best that he can be in anything he has to do.
On a professional level, I have had the opportunity to work with Sheriff Young and his deputies through the DARE program that his office provides. It is through this program and his presence that I learned that Sheriff Young has taken a vested interest in the assisting the youth of Anderson County. Not only do Sheriff Young and his deputies assist in educating our youth in making good choices, they provide opportunities for the youth to engage in activities that are enjoyable as well.
The other programs Sheriff Young has offered for the youth of Anderson County are the Shop with a Cop program and the Dare Fishing Derby. The Shop with Cop Program has assisted in making a child’s Christmas a little more special by ensuring that our less fortunate children receive gifts, and the Fishing Derby gives them an opportunity to get hooked on fishing and not drugs.
Sheriff Young is great at working with our youth and keeping the residents of Anderson County safe and assisted.
My reflection of experiences with elected officials draws me to this conclusion: if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. In other words, Sheriff Young is Anderson County and stands for ensuring that we live in a community that is not only safe for our families, but educating and rewarding for our children. I encourage you, as election time draws near, to vote to re-elect Sheriff Troy Young.
Kevin Ray

Re-elect Stevens as state rep
To the editor:
It is an honor to recommend Rep. Kent Stevens for re-election as State Representative of the 55th District.
Rep. Stevens has quickly become one of the most influential and respected members of the Kentucky House of Representatives. He is a strong voice for the people of Anderson and Mercer counties.
Rep. Stevens is active in trying to attract and create good paying jobs to Anderson and Mercer counties and is a vital supporter of education and job training to help prepare our children and youth for a brighter future. He is vice chair of the House Education Committee and chair of the Education Accountability and Assessment Review Subcommittee. His vast experience as a teacher and principal provide an important resource for other legislators in making fiscal and policy decisions concerning education.
In addition, Rep. Stevens is a defender of our Christian values and a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.
I urge you to vote for Rep. Kent Stevens so he can continue to fight for the people of the 55th District.
Jody Richards
State Representative
20th District

McCormick is ‘qualified, mature’
To the editor:
We are prejudice toward [sheriff candidate Jeff McCormick] because he is our daughter Melinda’s husband. An old saying goes, “blood runs thicker than water.” But let us appeal to your better impulses for factual reasons.
He is professional, qualified, mature, is an official officer, and has military training to understand the responsibility of the office. He has the educational training to handle the financial business responsibility.
He is disciplined and honest.
A new broom sweeps clean.
Please consider giving Jeff McCormick your vote on Nov. 2.
Ed and Doris Ruggles

McCormick is ‘man for the job’
To the editor:
Here at election time, I wanted to express to the people of Anderson County why I believe Jeff McCormick is the best man for the job of Anderson County Sheriff. He’s an Anderson County native, graduate of ACHS in 1980 and has raised his family here. His son is currently serving our wonderful country in Afghanistan.
Jeff has spent his entire life giving everything he had to his family and this nation. Jeff is a retired captain from Kentucky Fish and Wildlife. He is a 10-year veteran of the state drug task force. He has served as the police adviser to the Department of Defense in Iraq and Baghdad. He was also the supervisor of regional investigation in Kosovo.
Jeff has had to make very vital decisions concerning the well being of his men and to resolve situations while taking extremely heavy enemy fire. Not only is Jeff an Anderson County native and shares the same values as you and me, but I think all of Jeff’s experience over the years in police and military work highly qualifies him as the best man to hold the position of Anderson County Sheriff and ask you to cast your vote for him on Nov. 2.
Brad Sizemore

Smith is best candidate for district judge
To the editor:
I’m writing this to offer voters a behind-the-scenes glance at the person that I truly believe is the best candidate for district court judge for our community -— my husband Darby Smith. 
Just prior to our meeting each other eight years ago, I was a newly-divorced single mom of toddler twin girls and an infant daughter. My life, as I had planned it then, had taken a different course.
The job for which I had gotten my degree was not conducive to the lifestyle of a single mom so I made a career change. I began waiting tables at Cracker Barrel.
When I met Darby, I was surprised that a successful attorney would consider welcoming me and my girls into his life. Yet, he did. We were married and shortly after our family of five became six with the addition of a son.
Having been married to Darby for more than seven years, I can speak with certainty of his character. He walked into a situation with me that brought with it numerous experiences. However, he did so with conviction and a gentle determination to make the best of life’s challenges. Throughout those years, I’ve been able to rely on Darby’s ability to always look at a situation without letting emotions be the controlling factor. I can always rely on an honest answer from Darby (even when I’m not looking for one), and I can trust that his actions are based on the facts and not a pre-judged opinion of how things should be. 
Our life here in the Smith household is fairly normal, despite the “campaign trail.”  We do homework with the kids around the table and muddle through the morning rush of gathering backpacks and coordinating after-school activities.
Our kids play barefoot in the cul-de-sac. We’re like many other normal families who strive to provide the best for our families, and I’m glad that Darby is the one by my side through this journey of parenting. Family is Darby’s priority above all. As his wife I can, without a doubt, say that Darby would make the best district court judge for our community. And I hope you will join me on Election Day in voting for Darby as well.
Keshia Tatum Smith

Elect Smith as district judge
To the editor:
As many people in this community may know, I have long advocated having a district or circuit judge from Anderson County. Sadly, we have not done so since Judge Ollie Bowen served here so honorably as one of our two district judges.
Our court system is comprised of three counties: Anderson, Spencer and Shelby. Because Shelby is so much bigger than Anderson and Spencer, we do not often get an opportunity to elect someone from Anderson County. This year is no different in the respect that, in the one contested race for district judge, both candidates reside in Shelby County — Donna Dutton and Darby Smith. Donna Dutton is not, as some believe, the well-beloved veterinarian by the same name who served Anderson County’s animals for many years.
Nevertheless, Darby Smith opened a satellite office in Anderson County in addition to his Shelby County office some time ago operating out of our office. I have had the opportunity to get to know him well.
He has participated in community activities here and joined local organizations like the Rotary and the Chamber of Commerce.
He has a very good record of practicing law for 14 to 15 years, and is experienced in all aspects of law that will come before the district court. As an insider to the court system in Anderson County for many years, I can highly recommend Darby Smith to you as your next district judge. I believe that he will serve Anderson County well, being tough, but always fair, and judging the cases according to the correct law and the facts of the case.
I say this in all disinterestedness, because I do not intend to practice law before him, and if elected, he will no longer have an office with me.
Betty Springate

Vote for McCormick
To the editor:
To all my friends in Anderson County, I encourage you to vote for my good friend, Jeff McCormick, for sheriff of Anderson County.
Jeff is a proven leader, and his law enforcement training and experience will bring a new level of professional law enforcement and expertise to Anderson County.
I have known Jeff for many years, and his commitment to public service is without question.
Please vote for Jeff McCormick for sheriff of Anderson County on Nov. 2.
Jim Strader

Dutton brings ‘sincerity’ to the courtroom
To the editor:
It is an honor to recommend Donna Dutton for re-election as district judge. Donna has been very successful in her position for the last four years as district judge.
She is consistent and fair-minded in her decision-making.
Her character is based on hard work and dedication.
Donna has a definite understanding of families and their needs. We need her sincerity to remain in the courtroom and I am proudly recommending my friend, Donna Dutton, for district judge.
Alton L. Warford
Former Anderson County magistrate

Sentencings don’t match up
To the editor:
I am astonished at what I read in the paper regarding Rachel Lawhon and Gordon Lunceford. Before I start I want to make sure that you understand that I am not defending either of these people, I believe that both have committed a crime and both should suffer consequences for their crimes, but what I don’t understand is the punishment that they received.
The woman, Ms. Lawhon, was accused and sentenced for sending text messages, which included nude pictures of herself to a minor. She did not touch the child or physically harm the child in any way.
Gordon Lunceford, a former youth minister, [admitted to far worse].
I don’t know about you, but I think that I would rather have the woman who sent a text message living next door to me than I would someone who sexually abused several children. Especially since I have children of my own.
Maybe the paper is missing something, I told myself, maybe the woman, Ms. Lawhon, did something else that we (the readers) don’t know about. Maybe that is why she was sentenced for seven years, but I reread the paper several times and sure didn’t see anything else that stated that she had any physical contact with the minor sexually.
Any child today can get online and go to a porn site and look at nude pictures all day. I am not saying that this child did this, but am saying that it is out there for kids to see. Why are these sites so available and the people behind them are not being charged with a crime when minor children are viewing them?
Did the judge get things mixed up, was Ms. Lawhon supposed to get probation and Mr. Lunceford supposed to be sentenced for seven years?
Again as I stated earlier, both of these people committed a crime and both should receive some type of punishment, but really, seven years for texting (or sexting, as they call it today) and probation for sexually abusing children. I don’t know about you, but this just doesn’t sound right.
I have always and want to continue to believe in our judicial system, but this time I must say that I don’t agree with the outcome in either one of these cases.
Kay Wilton