Letters to the editor - 10.28

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By The Staff

Elk photo akin to watching ‘vomit in color’

To the editor:

Once again my senses were pinched by a ghastly color photo of a beautiful, dead animal on the cover of [last week’s] paper.

It happens every year.

Yes, I know all the reasons. They eat the meat, it’s a sport, family activity, good for kids’ self-esteem, etc.

I completely understand and know there is an overpopulation of deer. Heck, they brought the elk in just so they could be shot at, I guess. 

I’m not a vegan (but I don’t usually eat red meat or a lot of any meat) and my father, who I loved very much, was a hunter.

I know the young man is proud of his effort because that is how he has been raised. I totally respect that. And Hunter is a wonderful name.  However, I do not like hunting, not even a little bit. I have lived here 13 years and I can’t seem to get myself to feel any differently.

But if that’s what you like to do, go for it. I just don’t want to have to see it every year in technicolor via The Anderson News. 

There are those like me who would still rather see this awesome creature healthy and alive on all four legs, doing something other than being dead, hanging on someone’s wall, his gorgeous antlers now no more than a mere hat rack in death.

Call me a hypocrite; so be it. I guess it’s just a matter of opinion. But it’s sort of like not wanting to see a dog fight or someone vomiting in full color.

Actually it is more than that — it hurts somewhere deep inside, more than just viewing something you find somewhat distasteful. It’s more like someone purposely stepping on a kitten because there are too many cats.  To me, it is a violent act on an otherwise beautiful and virtually helpless creature. And I’m working on the “not eating meat” part. I appreciate anyone’s opinion, whether you agree with me or not.

Joan Burke


Why compete?

To the editor:

I am not opposed to having a good local health department, but why does it have enough money to take out half-pages ad in this paper?

The money spent on those ads comes straight out of taxpayers’ pockets.

I see other area for-profit medical facilities run ads, which makes sense. However, is our local non-profit health department now trying to compete with local physicians?  Isn’t something inherently wrong with this picture? 

Half-page ads and a $2 million health department building — where do health officials in this county think all that money is coming from?

Jess Thompson