Letters to the editor - 11.25

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By The Staff

Climb aboard ‘industrial bandwagon’

To the editor:

I am ecstatic to see that Harley-Davidson is looking into moving its current York, Pa., facility to our great state.

Hopefully, our current county and city leaders will not be content with just “grabbing our share” of the move if it happens.

Why not do whatever it takes to grab the whole pie?

Please, Mr. Judge and Mrs. Mayor, grab the governor and the first plane to Milwaukee and let Harley-Davidson know that Lawrenceburg is the place to make this happen.

Yes, Harley-Davidson is an American-made motorcycle, but the satellite jobs typically associated with manufacturing facility such as this won’t be here because most of the parts are imported from out of the country.

It’s time for Lawrenceburg to finally get on the industrial bandwagon.

Don’t miss this one, leaders.

Hiliary Trent


Obama strategy must be stopped

To the editor:

I have spent most of my time this year researching and digging for the truth of what is happening to our beloved country.

I have attended tea parties, freedom rallies, town hall meetings and writing to you as the watch dog for Anderson County.

Why? I love my country, my husband served this country and many have made the ultimate sacrifice.

I know The Anderson New is to write about who is who ... who got the biggest deer head ... you know, the local events. But I am telling you and all of Anderson County that this will not mean a hill of beans after Washington’s agenda takes place, and it looks like it is on the road to reality! So here I go again.

First, Google the Cloward-Piven strategy, an effort that would enact legislation to “establish a guaranteed national income.”

President Obama says he is for the free market. Wrong!

You think he is for capitalism? Wrong!

If you love freedom, free markets and believe that small business is the engine of this nation, it is time to open your eyes and realize that the this country has given you the chance to be where you are today.

We’re all so busy with ball games on the weekends, shopping and other activities, but there is time to put aside a few minutes to ensure we still have a nation for our children and future generations.

Obama’s goal is to transform this nation so we will never be able to back to our old way of life. A lot of people missed that during his campaign because they were busy fainting, swooning and hearing how his cry of “Hope and Change” filled the air.

How’s that hope and change working out for you?

There is plenty of change but very little hope, and time is running out. Our house is on fire and it’s time to take action.

Can we save the nation our brave military is fighting for? I don’t know, but I will keep fighting because we have no other choice.

My concern is not only for my children and grandchildren, but for all American families.

Anderson County, you are now on the clock, and you should ask yourself what did you do for freedom today.

To the contrary, Obama’s agenda is about social justice, sharing the wealth and opening our wallets and turning our pockets inside out.

He wants to take over health care, which is one-sixth of the economy, and has already taken over the banks, financial institutions, housing and now he is coming after you.

Again, check out the Cloward-Piven strategy if you want to know the direction we are headed and to choose what you can do to preserve what you hold dear.

Karen Richardson