Letters to the editor - 12.30

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By The Staff

Fox News offers both sides of stories

To the editor:

I must respond to the letter last week that said those who watch Fox News are uninformed. That person is wrong, and here’s why.

A little over a year ago I was happily watching the CBS Nightly News with Katie Couric. Even though her ratings were low, I stood behind Katie every night.

If I didn’t watch CBS, I watched CNN.

My last night of watching CBS happened this way:

A CBS reporter comes up with the story about a letter that was found, written by Mother Theresa. In it she stated that she didn’t believe in God. I was shocked, angry, saddened and hurt by the comments because Mother Theresa worked her entire life for God.

About three days later I was watching CNN, but was so tired of it trying to brain wash people in the presidential campaign that I turned my television to Fox News.

I had never watched Fox before, but now it’s all I watch.

Why? Because the day I switched to Fox News it ran the story about Mother Theresa, and it went this way. When Mother Theresa first went to India, to do God’s work, she was saddened to see the living conditions, the squalor and the poor, and she wondered how could people live in such a state as this and even questioned God’s existence that this should happen. She talked to her mentor and her mentor told her to write a letter to God to let him know her feelings. So she wrote the letter to God and now I have the whole story. 

That isn’t the only reason I watch Fox News. Not only does Fox tell the whole story, it investigates, no matter the cost.

Then about three months ago, another story was shown on a channel. Fox News carried the same story.

Other channel’s report:  Tea-Partiers are racists trying to cause racial tensions. The reporter said the protestors were causing bad feelings, they were going to cause riots, and they have unruly crowds. Then they showed a picture of a person with a huge rifle on his back with a pistol on his side to make their point.

Fox News account:  Shows the original news cast but then shows the entire picture: the man is an African-American. Thank you once again, Fox News, for the whole story and not  reporting just to paint the picture you want your viewers to have.

I have been to the tea parties and the crowds are not rioters. Hundreds of thousands have marched on Washington, D.C., without a single arrest.

We were told by one speaker (an African-American) don’t let them use the race car ... stick up for your rights. 

Fox News followed through with its investigation of Van Jones, one of President Obama’s czars. Van Jones is now resigned.  No other channels carried the story until after Fox News brought it up.

Same as with the Acorn story. Acorn was proven corrupt by Fox News reporting over a week before other channels started to carry it.  Now Acorn is losing its influence.  Hopefully, it will not only lose its bank backers but the government backers, too.

And, sir, you stating that Fox News viewers are uninformed is a horrible opinion. Watch it for a month, and you get the both sides of the story.

Joyce Stohr


Schraub obviously doesn’t watch Fox News

To the editor:

At this time, I feel it would be fitting to comment on the [letter to the editor] in The Anderson News, “Rue, Richardson wrong about Fox News.”

I (Rue) would like to start by saying it is obvious that Mr. Schraub is not a Fox News viewer, specifically the Glenn Beck program. Yes, Glenn and his “clan” are busy reporting the facts so that you, the viewer, might be kept current with the corruption and greed that exists in D.C. today.

For example, if Mr. Schraub were to watch The Glenn Beck Show, he would hear that the facts given concerning specific individuals connected with the Obama administration are many times the actual words of a particular person he is talking about on the show. Beck cites actual words or quotes freely given from that person’s own books or speeches made.

Case in point, Van Jones, who was or still is working in some capacity for the Obama in the administration, stated he was a communist—his own words. Shortly after Beck reported this and other things, he (Jones) suddenly stepped down from that position.

On just about every show, Beck will openly say that if he is proven wrong about information he is stating on an issue or person, they should call him directly and he will correct it on that show or the following show.

As for Beck’s feelings toward George W. Bush now or when he was in office, he gladly states that Bush was probably the worst president next to Jimmy Carter. Like Mr. Schraub, Glenn Beck along with many of us would like to see a change in the leadership of both parties by having them be thrown out due to corruption and greed. Yes, there are some elected officials who actually have the interests of all the people in mind, but they are few and far between.

Whether you liked or disliked President Bush is purely up to you the individual, but I felt secure under his leadership. Did he get everything right? No, but at least he did not go around apologizing for the actions of our nation at every stop he made. This nation has done a lot of good throughout the world and we should be proud of our USA.

As for watching Fox News, quite frankly Mr. Schraub, I, like many citizens of this nation, like being kept abreast of what dissection of our Constitution is taking place in our nation’s capitol. We could go back and forth on who is actually trying to transform our country and its foundation, but unless you actually listen to a station that has an opposing view of the other major networks, you cannot get the full picture.

One final thought about your stating that some of us who disagree with the current administration and its policies, whether it be Fox News or the ordinary “Joe,” it does not mean we are spewing racial remarks or are racial, like the Nancy Pelosi’s of the world suggest. If you go along with their kind of thinking then what should we have said of those who bashed President Bush for eight years? If you have an opposing view, why are we then labeled a racist?

At this time I would like to thank The Anderson News for printing my comments as well as those of opposing views. At least for the time being we still have the freedom of speech which our forefathers made possible and for which our brave men and women around the world are fighting for.

To them we owe our lives and our thanks.

God Bless us all.

Kenneth B. Rue


Fox News tells the truth

To the editor:

The following is in response to Dennis Schraub’s letter in last week’s paper.

When remembering the past year and looking toward the future, the most important thing is our moral compass and values as a nation.

Millions choose Fox for our primary news source. We find it fair, balanced and unafraid to speak the truth.

Fox has the best fact-checking department. You said we have blind loyalty — that is so far from the truth. Glenn Beck says “do not take my word, do your own homework, research and that is just what Americans are doing.”

Go to your computer and Google the information and names and you’ll see who surrounds this president, and it’s not a pretty site.

You call us blind, Mr. Schraub, but you are blindly judging Fox News with such distain.

I never claimed the Obama administration caused all the problems, did I? I do say he should stop blaming past administrations and start doing his job.

The president and Congress all need hearing aids. They should do what we want. We the people have told them what we want very clearly, in English. Maybe that is why they don’t understand.

We want no more printing of funny money that devalues the dollar. We said stop the health care bill that they want to shove down our throats and that will bankrupt this country. We and small businesses will all be punished with higher taxes. On top of that, Americans will not see the benefits if any for four to five years.

Calling Fox News the “Clan” is like calling the kettle black. The Clan presides on Capitol Hill, with back room deals in the middle of the night, lobbyist payoffs and downright corruption of this administration.

As of today, what we owe would take one 140 years to pay. If we were facing this kind if dept in our homes, the credit cards would be cut and we would tighten our belts.

In Washington? No way! They just keep spending, and it’s not their money, it’s ours.

We cannot spend our way out of this and every one knows it.

Mr. Schraub, we do agree on one thing, both parties need to be thrown out on their ears. I have joined millions to do just that. We have sent 9 million pink slips saying “Your fired” and many more are on their way to the Capitol. The American people are sending a message to their employees.

G. Norman Collie said, “In free countries, every man is entitled to express his opinions and every other man is entitled not to listen”

Anderson County residents are intelligent enough to make there own choice for there families and themselves to watch Fox News or not.

Karen Richardson