Letters to the editor

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By The Staff

Children thankful for returned parade ribbon

To the editor:

We want to thank the nice person who turned in our second place Christmas parade ribbon.

We wish we knew who he was so we could thank him personally.

We also want to thank Lawrenceburg Mayor Edwinna Baker for calling us with the good news and giving us the ribbon back last week. Madeleine the reindeer goat thanks you, too!

Rio and Quetzal Velasco


Septic users must comply with pumping regulations

To the editor:

In June of 2004, the Anderson County Board of Health passed a regulation (regulation No. 2004-01a) that requires all homes built July 1, 2004 and newer to have their septic tank pumped every three years.

This regulation also requires anyone having an existing system inspection or a repair to an existing system be added to the septic system maintenance program pumping schedule.

The Board of Health passed this regulation due to considerable research showing that failing septic systems contribute considerable amounts of pollution to groundwater and therefore have the potential of impacting public health and safety.

Per this regulation, pumping of your septic tank must be done by a certified septic pumper. Once the septic tank has been pumped, the certified pumper will assist you in completing a card that is enclosed in your notice verifying completion of this service. The property owner is responsible for all costs associated with this regulation. The septic pumper is required to submit this payment along with a confirmation card to the health department.

Prior notices have been sent out to those individuals who are currently not in compliance with this regulation. A final notice will be sent out in January 2009 to those individuals currently not in compliance.

If compliance is not met within the final stated timeframe, the Anderson County Board of Health will pursue all available legal remedies to ensure compliance.

For more information about why it is important to have your septic tank pumped, frequently ask questions or to view a copy of this regulation, please contact the Anderson County Health Department at 502-839-4551 or visit us online at www.achdonline.org.

Brandon Hurley

Anderson County Public Health Director