Letters to the editor - 2.3

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By The Staff

Anderson News is ‘best small-town newspaper’

To the editor:

My warmest congratulations to the staff of The Anderson News for the skills and hard work that always characterize the earning of any worthwhile achievement or recognition. 

The Kentucky Press Association’s awards were indeed earned in the purest sense of that word.

Of the several small-town newspapers I have read regularly, The Anderson News is simply the best small-town newspaper and that includes my sentimental favorite, the Manchester Enterprise.

One guiding principle that is consistently evident throughout The Anderson News is its endeavors to call a spade a spade, not to mention its opinions that are well written and are generally helpful in our daily lives, and when need be, they pull no punches.

If our two statewide newspapers and some of the national newspapers followed the high and unflinching example of The Anderson News, among many other things, the electorate would take a better informed vote into the voting booth.

Keep up the good work in a news world that tends to avoid the plain truth, especially if there is the slightest chance it will make a person, a group, or anything else uncomfortable.

Thanks, The Anderson News.

Shafter Bailey