Letters to the editor - 3.24

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By The Staff

Deputies thank Burkhead for ad, support Young for sheriff

To the editor:

In response to a political ad that was addressed to “Anderson County Residents and Sheriff’s Deputies” in The Anderson News, March 17 edition, we, the undersigned deputies of your Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, would like to share the following with the people of Anderson County, our fellow citizens:

We appreciate the kind remarks that were made about the deputies here being some of the finest people in the county, and the reference to us being well trained and a valuable asset to this community.

But this begs the question: how did we get this way? How is it that our citizens can depend on deputies being able to respond to calls for service 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

How is it you have deputies in your office who are trained in accident reconstruction, DARE and involved in instructing both high school girls and the ladies of our community in Rape Aggression Defense?

How is it that we collect approximately $13 million annually for Anderson County, are subjected to an annual audit and complete each one successfully?

Why have both crash and crime statistics dropped over the last five years?

What has led to the relationship between the sheriff’s office and the community being stronger than it has ever been?

The ad we are referencing in this letter had one thing right. Leadership does shape the sheriff’s office and its performance, and the accomplishments of your Anderson County Sheriff’s Office over the last five years, as well as the tremendous relationship we enjoy with the community, is as a result of the leadership of Sheriff Troy Young.

While we may respect the fact that we would be welcomed into another administration, we are proud of the administration we are a part of now and do not desire change.

We want to make it clear that no one is forcing us to do anything referencing this year’s election, and we don’t consider the choosing of a sheriff for Anderson County a “political game.” It’s far too important to the citizens of this county.

Each one of us are individuals and it is simply our right as citizens to support the person we believe will do the best job, and to always voice that support in a positive way.

We believe Sheriff Young to be that man. He’s already been doing it for years, and does it every day, with professionalism, honesty and integrity.

Let there be no doubt. We support Sheriff Troy Young for re-election May 18.

Robbie Armstrong

Patrick Beasley

Chad Cox

Tony Likins

Brian Wooldridge

Jessica McGuire

Janet Carter

Mike Carroll

Dawn Chrisman

Matt Rogers

Bryan Taylor

Davis Richardson

Eddie Holmes

Greg Boblitt

Donnie Sutherland

Joe Milam

Paul Blackhurst

Brian Boggs

Editor’s note: Each of the above deputies verified by phone and signature their names being included with this letter.

Chamber’s business expo a wonderful event

To the editor:

Early Saturday morning, I wondered how the beautiful weather would affect the attendance of the third annual Business and Community Expo to be held at Eagle Lake Convention Center.

We had sold all the booth space that we had allotted. The stage was booked with everything from karate to choirs.

The Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg had once again prepared chili, hot dogs and more for everyone. A TV lounge had been supplied by a local business.

Everything looked great.

Now the big question, would the event be a success? Early on I had my answer. The crowd started pouring in and all that were involved were delighted. This event once again allowed our local businesses and community organizations to showcase what they had to offer Anderson County.

As vendors ourselves, my wife and I were very happy with the turnout and interest in the booths we had set up. This shows me that our community is interested and will give our local businesses and organizations their support. We must continue to shop local and help our local business community succeed for many years to come.

This event continues to grow each year and is becoming an event that everyone will be waiting for each year. As chamber president I would like join with the rest of the board and thank the committee and all those that helped set up and clean up.

A special thanks to John Rennels (committee chair and his staff for all their help again this year.

We especially want to thank all of the vendors, stage acts, and Christian Academy of Lawrenceburg for all they did to help make this event a success.

We also want to remind each of you that there will be a forum April 22 at 6 p.m. at the middle school. This debate will feature Democratic candidates sheriff and judge-executive candidates. This will be an event that you won’t want to miss. See you there. 

Jason Denny


Anderson County

Chamber of Commerce

Mom thanks ‘angels’ who assisted injured daughter

To the editor:

I want to thank the angels who helped my daughter and her passengers on the night of March 12 on US 127 and the bypass intersection between Harrodsburg and Danville.

My worst dreams came true when we received a call from a number we did not recognize.

My husband answered the phone and on the other end was a man saying he was calling us for our daughter.

My daughter, Ayla, was in a very severe car accident and they were going to transport her to Danville hospital.

We lost it; we had no idea what had happened and we live in Lawrenceburg, which is 30 minutes away.

We jumped in the car and left. During our transit we called the man back and he was so helpful and was getting information for us about our daughter and kept telling us she was OK and with EMS.

To this man, whoever you are, bless you. You were such a big help and you were a blessing to my husband and myself knowing that Ayla was not alone and there was someone helping her.

We got to the intersection of 127 and the bypass and could go no farther because a helicopter was landing to take a 17-month-old baby who was in my daughter’s car to UK Hospital.

We were trapped there with no way to get to the hospital. Again thanks to EMS, the woman who was assisting my daughter called the sheriff on scene and he got us out of the traffic to get to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital and our daughter was there and in rough shape, but she did tell us about all the wonderful people who tried to assist her and her passengers.

She was terrified when she woke up and saw the smoke rising from her Jeep when she knew she had a passenger and a baby on board.

She said from nowhere people were talking to her and trying to assist in getting her and the others out of the Jeep.

She told me that the man with the phone helped calm her, that he was reassuring. The others were so wonderful. She said it was surprising how many people were there to help.

She has never been in an accident before but has seen her father and I assist others in need at a scene of an accident, and she always used to say that it surprises her how people come together when someone is in need.

When it was her time in need there were angels around to lend a hand and for that my husband and I are forever grateful for those people.

We wish we could individually thank each and every person, including the EMS and police who were there, but sadly we don’t know where to start, so I am hoping that you will publish this for us so those who were there will know how grateful we all are for them.

The baby in the accident is doing well and so is his mom. The baby and my daughter will be in need of some future care but all are alive and well and that is all that matters.

There are angels among us just look around and you might be lucky to meet one face to face.

Thank you and bless all of you who came to the aid of my daughter and friends.

Wendy Burkett