Letters to the editor - 4.14

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By The Staff

Anderson already has proven sheriff

To the editor:

I would like to share my feelings on the upcoming election for Anderson County sheriff.

I was hired full time at the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office on Jan. 1, 1983. I retired Jan. 1, 2009 after 25 years of service and still fill in part time when needed. I personally can vouch for the honesty and integrity of Sheriff Troy Young and the staff he has hand picked.

Troy has never viewed being sheriff as just a way to earn a living. I know how dedicated he is to the citizens of Anderson County — all of them.

Troy established 24-hour, seven days a week patrol for our county, and the office is open 10 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

Troy is not only an administrator, but a working sheriff. Troy doesn’t have a 10-hour day like the rest of us. Most of the community programs start after the workday ends, such as: Neighborhood Watch meetings, the Rape, Aggression, Defense training program, Shop With A Cop, Project Safe Street and the DARE Fishing Derby.

Troy Young goes above and beyond the normal job description of a sheriff. If you want a sheriff who is dedicated to upholding the laws of the land with fairness to all of the citizens of Anderson County, you already have him.

If you want a sheriff who knows what “community policing” is and has already proven it, you already have him. If you want a sheriff who is honest, hard working, with exceptional character and integrity, you already have him.

I urge you all to keep a proven leader by re-electing Sheriff Troy Young on May 18.

Joy Peach

Anderson County deputy sheriff (retired)

Obama and his cronies think we’re stupid

To the editor:

I was once uninvolved in voicing my opinions on the political forefront.

Though I still have much to learn, I listen to the voices of those who actually research and quote in actual words the thoughts and context of those who are trying to transform this nation. So here are some of my own thoughts.

If you haven’t noticed, our country continues its downward spiral in the economy along with the eroding of our constitutional building blocks, the actual foundation of this nation.

This continued disintegration has been stoked by the flames of this current administration, whose leader continues to hire and surround him with those who have a radical, socialistic and communist agenda as quoted in their own words.

President Obama has asked us to be patient, but what does patience have to do with the fact that their only goal seems to be self-serving and one they have been working on for years? They really have no intention of figuring anything out because they cannot, they won’t and it serves no purpose to them or their goals. How can we stand idly by then watching them dismantle, block by block, our Godly nation, the United States of America, while they try to transform it into their vision of the United States of Global Nations?

It is my understanding that many in this administration have not managed a small or large business, so how then can they manage our hard earned money because obviously it means nothing to them or we would not have the mounting debt we now have? We’re talking trillions!

Also, do we want some other country buying our debt and owning all that we have and eventually dictating what we do in this country?

So what do we do? We’re good people here in Kentuckianna; farming our land, taking care of our children and having expectations that our appointed officials are looking out for us. Some of us now do gather at political events to voice our opinions, hold signs, listen and soon some may even insert yard signs for a new gang to come along and be voted into office. We will wait again and hope that we made the right choices at the polls this time. It is up to us to become more informed on the issues that matter most.

I realize some may be discouraged and for those who may have missed it, some concerned citizens traveled to DC only to see Nancy Pelosi marching and carrying a big hammer up the steps of the capitol through those crowds of people peacefully protesting Obama’s socialistic large government.

Pelosi and those with her were triumphing the passage of the health care reform bill, and for those voicing any objections to this bill or the process that went into passing it, they were immediately dismissed and labeled domestic terrorists, racists, rednecks and other disparaging remarks.

According to some sources, Pelosi and her cronies were treated badly during their plight to pass this health care reform bill, though the fact remains that many of the reports given cannot be proven.

Does that make all of us a lousy bunch of Americans or racists when we express our disapproval of what they are jamming down our throats? You have to decide the answer to that for yourself.

Well buckle up you domestic terrorists and racists –because you are also stupid. I attended a Tea (Taxed Enough Already) Party rally for Rand Paul, Kim King and others Wednesday evening April 7 in Lawrenceburg and spoke personally with Rand Paul at its conclusion. He mentioned that Obama seems to think we’re stupid, especially in Kentucky as well throughout America, and that we need his big government to take care of our every need because we cannot do it on our own.

OK, I didn’t hear that just the political right is stupid — all political affiliated parties are stupid who do not believe in the direction this nation is moving, and guess what, all means you.

In summary, some of Yout may have voted for this egotistical president and his administration and only you along with the rest of us who are the concerned citizens of this nation, can change it by non-violent actions by simply pulling a lever in November with either your left or your right hand.

I’m now involved in opining my views on the political forefront and hope many of you join in being more informed.

Kenneth B. Rue