Letters to the editor - 4.21

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By The Staff

Burkhead ‘most qualified’ to be next sheriff

To the editor:

Rex Burkhead’s candidacy for Anderson County sheriff presents an opportunity for us to install the most qualified, experienced and best-trained law enforcement officer that we’ve ever had in the county’s top position.

Rex recently retired from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Division of Law Enforcement, a unit whose assistance remains among the most sought after all across Kentucky and even the nation with the skills, equipment and training needed go well beyond those of traditional law enforcement officers.

Fish and Wildlife officers excel in humanitarian relief, search and rescue and performing law enforcement functions unsupported in high-stress and inhospitable environments where standard police simply cannot reach.

During my long career as Anderson County police chief, I worked often with Rex. He taught conservations and gun safety to hundreds of school youth during his career, and he also saved lives threatened by record Salt River floods.

More recently he defied nature and reached people stranded for days by blocked roads during the ice storm.

Rex is a seasoned, proven and decorated law enforcement officer recognized by his fellow officers as one of their best. We should seize this opportunity and elect this highly qualified man as our next sheriff.

Daril Ulery

Anderson County police chief, retired

Burke column on Palin ‘ignores’ facts, truth

To the editor:

I would like to respond to Joan Burke’s most recent column, “Palin’s speech proves how scary she can be,” in the April 14 edition of The Anderson News.

Every week I try to read her column. I can usually read the liberal point of view as long as they stick to facts or the truth. She tends to ignore both.

She belittles President Bush’s education and experience in favor of President Obama’s. Give me a break. Bush was a businessman, governor and good enough president to be elected to a second term. Palin was a mayor, governor and successful businesswoman.

Obama was never in business; the only job he ever worked was as a community activist, and he was a state and US senator for a short time.

All three have college degrees from accredited universities.

Burke chastises Palin for not being aware of Obama’s initiatives on oil drilling. To the contrary, Palin does know about this and knows that the areas he has designated for drilling don’t contain adequate amounts of oil to be worthwhile.

Burke states that Obama will open up areas in Alaska. To the contrary, he states that he will cancel some Alaskan contracts, not increase them.

Burke says that she heard (Fox News commentator) Sean Hannity say that Palin is smarter than Obama. I suppose that it would be a lot of effort to listen to Hannity to hear exactly what he said before she quotes his statements as facts.

Burke says many of us voted of Obama because he is so intelligent. For her information, the Kentucky Democrats were solidly behind Hillary Clinton in the primary race before they were blindsided by US Rep. Ben Chandler (D-Versailles) when he threw his support to Obama. Also, the state of Kentucky went for McCain and Palin in the general election.

I realize that Burke hasn’t lived in the state very long, but she needs to know that the majority of Kentucky is very conservative. Although Democrats outnumber Republicans, they do not agree with the far left leadership of the Democrats. And I think if you think we agree with their liberal, socialistic views, you are very mistaken.

My Anderson News subscription runs out very soon and I think I’m going to use that money to subscribe to the New York Times, that way I can get some fair and balanced columns.

Gail V. Short


No need for change in sheriff’s office

To the editor:

All of us in Anderson County have a special day coming up that it is our right to participate in.

Primary election day is May 18 and it is a time when we get to really voice our opinions as to who we think our public servants should be for the next term.

It is one of the few times in our lives that something is completely our decision. It is a time when the people of this county decide whether the current office holder has been doing a good job, or whether it’s time for a change.

It’s a job evaluation for incumbents, if you will.

One such current officeholder is Sheriff Troy Young. I submit to you that if this were an actual evaluation on his performance over the last four years, not only would he be re-employed, but he would be given a raise as well.

This should not come as a surprise to the people of Anderson county, however, as we elected him in 2006 with no opposition. He has not only accomplished what we expected from our sheriff, but has far exceeded our expectations with deputies out 24/7, educating our young people on self-defense and the dangers of illegal drugs, constantly interacting within the community with speaking engagements and neighborhood watch programs, and managing to collect our tax dollars every year with no audit problems.

He has hired some of the brightest and best employees available, and this reflects in the professionalism and integrity of our sheriff’s office. He has made our sheriff’s office one we can be proud of, and one that is known and admired statewide.

It is refreshing that he constantly does these things, not to get re-elected, but because he has a heartfelt love for his community.

So, when you vote May 18, don’t just ask yourself if Sheriff Troy Young deserves another term; the answer to that is a resounding yes. Ask yourself if the actual question is whether we want to make a change for change’s sake. And the answer to that is a resounding no. That’s a change Anderson County can’t afford to make.

Please join my family in voting to keep Sheriff Troy Young on May 18.

Brad Martin


Young has community’s ‘best interest’ in his heart

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Sheriff Troy Young for re-election in the upcoming May 18 Democratic primary.

Sheriff Young always has the best interest of this community in his heart with everything he does. Thanks to him we have deputies out 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He cares so much about our kids that he has taught them about the problems with drug abuse, and fights to rid our county of the drug problems.

I see his deputies out in the county watching our homes and preventing break-ins. He is so approachable and always there to talk if you need him, whether in his office or by phone. He is never arrogant and truly tries to help in any way he can. There is every reason to keep him as sheriff, and no reason to change.

Please join my family and I in voting for Sheriff Troy Young on May 18.

J. R. Pinkston


Grant County sheriff says Young is best choice

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to urge the citizens of Anderson County to vote to keep Troy Young as their sheriff.

I have known Sheriff Young and his family for several years, and it has been my privilege to work along side him in the Kentucky Sheriff’s Association.

Sheriff Young has always been willing to lend a hand to a fellow sheriff whether it’s an issue with tax collection, transportation or warrants.

When Sheriff Young is not busy serving the citizens of Anderson County, he is busy serving on the Kentucky Sheriff’s Association Board of Directors. He is not only an asset to his community, but to the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

I am proud to endorse him in his campaign.

Chuck Dills

Sheriff of Grant County


Americans will take back country in November

To the editor:

My son volunteered for combat duty in Iraq because he strongly believed it was his duty. 

Three of his grandfathers, eight and nine generations back, fought for freedom in the Revolutionary War. His grandfather, six generations back, fought to defend freedom in the War of 1812.

Although slavery was widespread in Kentucky, two of my great-grandfathers fought to free the slaves and hold our country together in the Civil War.

My father and four uncles served to fight tyranny in the World War II. In the same war, my father-in-law survived five beach landings with only a leg wound before he was 20 years old.

I served in Vietnam because it was the least I could do for the privilege of living in this land of opportunity and freedom.

Now our elected leaders are quickly taking away that freedom and opportunity — the very things that this country has always stood for and its young have fought and died for.  Pompous, arrogant liberals have the nerve to ask why we are angry. They label us as ignorant racists and enemies of the country while they steal our heritage and destroy our country.

Yes we want our country back because we have earned it through hard work, blood and tears. The politicians do not have the authority to give it away. The working class that built and defended this country cannot afford higher taxes and mountains of debt to finance more giveaway programs for Democratic supporters. Our country owes us nothing but the freedom and opportunity to succeed. It does not owe a free ride to anyone, especially those unwilling to pull his or her own weight.

America’s decline started with the Great Society programs that were billed as the salvation of the urban and Appalachian poor. Instead, these programs have destroyed these areas by killing individual initiative. They have created a class that is completely dependant on the government for survival and a society hooked on and destroyed by government-provided drugs.

Social Security and Medicaid are broke because of the Medicaid and supplemental Social Security programs that offer free medical insurance and income to millions of individuals that have never paid one dime into the system.

Now those in charge are expanding government into all segments of society, thereby changing it forever. 

Americans want the America they know; the America that they have built and defended, not the nanny state the liberals propose.

Come November, we will take our country back by defeating and replacing the arrogant, out of touch politicians that are ignoring the wishes of the American people and destroying our country.

The future of our children and our country is in our hands and we must not fail. America as we know it cannot survive two more years of this congress and its socialist agenda.

David Gabbard


Bike run to benefit Open Hands Food Pantry

To the editor:

In these hard economic times, many businesses find they have a shortage of customers. Not so at the Open Hands Food Pantry in Lawrenceburg.

We are serving 8 percent more households and 14 percent more individual family members since the start of the year. People are finding themselves out of work, or with their hours cut back. A waitress told me, “People are just not eating out. I barely make $20 a day.” Not enough to pay the light bill much less fill the gas tank or pay rent.

In fact with growing community needs, the pantry plans to move to larger quarters later this spring and, with the grace of God, expand the services we offer over the coming years. This is all due to the incredible generosity of the people in our community.

As The Anderson News reported earlier this year, our county does not have a homeless population. Due to the open arms of families, friends and sometimes strangers, we take care of those in our community who need a helping hand. It is commonplace for the clients of the food pantry to look back at times they helped and served, and to look forward to the day they are in a position to help others once again.

The pantry is thankful for the food and monetary donations we receive and would welcome additional volunteers as well. In fact if you just want to contribute for one morning we have a great opportunity coming up this Saturday, April 24. This will be our second annual 100 Mile Bike Run (motorcycles, that is). Entry fee is $15 per bike and $10 for passengers. The group will take off from the Anderson County Community Park; registration is between 9:30-10:30 a.m.

Great prizes, raffles and food for all those who come out for a day of fun and to help Open Hands keep Anderson County a place where serving others is a priority.

Thanks from all our volunteers for the great community support we receive.

We are truly blessed.

Katie Howard

Secretary, Open Hands Food Pantry