Letters to the editor - 4.8

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By The Staff

Don’t blame smokers for limited shopping

To the editor:

This goes to the lady who says she doesn’t shop in Lawrenceburg because she doesn’t know which businesses are smoke-free and would like The Anderson News to publish the smoke-free businesses.

Then please print the businesses you can smoke in and see which list is longer.

These businesses are all smoke-free: Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid, Dollar General, Cato, Kroger, video stores, florists, hair salons, the post office, banks, Goodwill, Mrs. Cox’s Shop, The Food Court, Wendy’s, McDonalds, Foliage, La Isla Mexican Restaurant, Speedway, Fast Tracks, Convenience Store, drug stores, Freeman & Mann Furniture Store, Newby’s Furniture, etc.

You get my drift. Those are just a few of the smoke-free businesses and there are plenty more.

Where does this lady want to shop? That only leaves the bars and a couple of country cooking diners.

Now, why does she go to Lexington to shop? It can’t be because of the smoking because Lawrenceburg is already 99 percent smoke-free.

I’m glad this is a free country and we have choices, but let’s not blame the smokers. Just say there are not too many choices in this town to shop.

Jolene Ritchey



Say yes to organ donation

To the editor:

April has again been recognized as Donate Life Month nationally and here in Kentucky. I feel that this is a good time to thank the many Anderson Countians who have supported organ and tissue donation at our driver’s license counter by donating $1 in support of our Kentucky Circuit Court Clerks Trust For Life and by placing their names on the new Kentucky Organ Donor Registry.

Since May of 2007 when the donor registry question became a part of our driver’s license renewal program, more than 575,000 Kentuckians have placed their names on the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry. More than 1,793 names are from Anderson County drivers who have signed up when they obtained their driver’s license or picture ID at our office.

Organ, tissue and cornea donations save thousands of lives in our country each year and vastly improve the lives of thousands more. Currently, there are more than 750 names on organ transplant waiting lists here in Kentucky.

Please consider being a registered organ donor and be prepared to say “yes” when you renew your Kentucky driver’s license or picture ID.

Jan D. Rogers

Anderson Circuit Court Clerk