Letters to the editor - 6.30

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By The Staff

Missed chance to protect dogs

To the editor:

As a man involved in promoting the protection of dogs in my own community and elsewhere, I have followed with interest the controversy surrounding the defeated proposal in Anderson County Fiscal Court which, if enacted, would have improved the quality of life for dogs in your locality.

I agree with Stan Petry’s letter in the June 16 edition that the ordinance would “thrust Anderson County into a leadership position as a forward-thinking, humane community.”

The Vietnam Dog Handlers Association says that during the Vietnam War, dogs, hundreds of which were killed in action, prevented an estimated 10,000 American casualties. Dogs are currently assisting American military personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq.

At the National Infantry Museum, a monument depicts a combat-attired soldier with a dog at his side. And inscription reads, “They protected us on the field of battle. They watch over our eternal rest. We are grateful.”

People who neglect or isolate their dogs deprive themselves of the love, devotion, loyalty friendship and companionship dogs offer.

Dogs are indeed man’s best friends but far too often we betray that friendship.

The defeat of the dog protection ordinance in Anderson County is an example of such a betrayal.

Joel Freedman

Chairman, Public Education Committee of Animal Rights in upstate New York

Canandaigua, NY

Would Happy vote for Ben?

To the editor:

Where is [Congressman] Ben Chandler?

He says he’s fighting for us, but I think he’s hiding from us.

He refuses to appear in a public forum, apparently afraid to answer questions. I have tried writing to him, only to be ignored or answered nonsensically.

I last wrote him about his vote granting hate crimes protection for undefined sexual behaviors and received back about church burnings in the 1990s. After that I figured, why bother?

Chandler says he has been independent, and that’s true in a way. Not only has he asserted his independence from the 6th District, he has gone a step further to downright defiance.

He has insulted us by publicly denouncing spending and deficits while quietly running up a debtor’s tab of historic proportions. His sworn allegiance to the environment has thrown Kentucky’s energy network in front of a freight train loaded with crippling regulations and taxes.

If Chandler does show up, what will he say? The same thing he’s always said, that he’s Happy Chandler’s grandson. He reminds us of that fact ad nauseam, and every time I wonder the same thing: Would Happy vote for Ben?

Eunice Logan


Junior Miss committee says thanks

To the editor:

The Anderson County Junior Miss committee held its 29th annual scholarship program May 8.

Nineteen outstanding young women participated. During the three weeks of practice these young women were challenged to new levels of self-growth, development and understanding.

With its primary emphasis on education, the program is a way to honor outstanding senior girls who will play a major role in shaping our future.

The committee would like to thank those who participated: Taylor Sutton, Megan Gorham, Elizabeth Brandt, Brittany Couch, Emily Crutcher, Jessie Litkenhus, Sara Sundean, Emily Hardin-Lynch, Allie White, Kristi Gribbins, Allison Sawyers, Chelsie Baxter, Alyssa Stockton, Sabrina Shelton, Jessica Brumley, Whitney Gritton, Courtney Drury, Kayleigh Coffey and Morgan Cubert.

We are proud of all of them for their accomplishments.

We would also like to thank the parents for sharing them with us for the three weeks of practice.

Thank you, too, to Casey Harlan, Anderson County’s Junior Miss 2010 for her dedication and for representing Anderson County so well this past year. We congratulate Allie White for being chosen Anderson County Junior Miss 2011.

A special thank you goes out to the Anderson County Board of Education, Lawrenceburg Christian Academy and local businesses and individuals who support this program. Without your generosity this program would not be possible. Thank you for your support and commitment to this program.

Anderson County is to be commended for the continued success and quality of this program.

Sherrie Hall

Chairperson, Junior Miss Scholarship Committee