Letters to the editor - 7.21

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By The Staff

America is caught up in ‘out-of-kilter’ times

To the editor:

Lindsay Lohan’s probationary violations received live television coverage and made the front pages in New York.

Thousands of words were devoted to her, but little attention was paid to the three American soldiers killed in Afghanistan the day she appeared in court.

The Lohan media coverage was a salient example of these out-of-kilter times.  It was as far out of step with reasonable reality as politicians who look into television cameras and assert that the Americans in Afghanistan are fighting for our freedoms.

What freedoms did the terrorists take from us on 9/11?  As far as I can tell, the only freedoms we lost were those taken by the Homeland Security Act that Bush bullied a cowering Congress into passing, not to mention his callous disregard of the Geneva Conventions championed by a wiser America in 1949.

Has all the blood and tax dollars spent in Afghanistan secured Americans?  Will those sacrifices ultimately secure our homeland?  Of course not.

We are no more secure today than we were in the early hours of 9/11. Our borders and ports are about as wide open now as then, and that makes the elected politicians in Washington hypocritical and dishonest, to say the least.

Moreover, politicians have continually justified the war in Afghanistan with the same specious statement.

“The terrorists must not be allowed to plan and launch another 9/11 from Afghanistan.”

Why do the politicians ignore the obvious reality?  The reason is simple. Profiteers have purchased their eyes, ears, and minds lock, stock and barrel. Otherwise, they would see that terrorists can plan and launch an attack from a cave, a cabin in Kentucky, an apartment in New York or barracks in Fort Hood, Texas.

The terrorists need Afghanistan to plan and launch an attack like the water in the Gulf of Mexico needs more oil.

Only dumb luck, covert intelligence and incompetent terrorists have prevented another 9/11, not the two for-profit wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The real battleground is here in America, and the terrorists are not the greatest threat to her. They cannot hold a candle to the profiteers, malevolent special interests and self-serving politicians. Kicking the latter out of Washington would be the first step in helping America get back on her feet. Only a fed-up, informed electorate has the power to give them the boot.

A word of caution, voters. Beware of grinning politicians with a glib line of slick, well-rehearsed talking points, and above all else, question every new idea because what we really need now, as never before, are old ideas like truth, right, wrong, and respect for our Constitution. Once upon a time, they served America well.

Shafter Bailey


Thanks to firefighters

To the editor:

We would like to offer our sincere thanks to the volunteer fire departments for their prompt response to the [recent] house fire on Jennifer Street.

Ken and Lynne Holmes


‘Impressed and moved’ at Corinth Christian

To the editor:

I just have to express how impressed and moved I was by the action of the congregation of Corinth Christian during my recent visit from Richmond, Va.

As a guest of my cousin who is a member of Corinth, I was lucky enough to share in this event.

On Sunday evening, July 11, 60 to 75 of the Corinth folks traveled to a Nicholasville nursing home to hold a worship service in honor of a congregation member who is rehabilitating there from a long term (going on eight months) devastating illness. 

They could have “taken the night off” or come up with some excuse but they turned out in great number and in great spirit.

The music, the message and just the fellowship did wonders for the congregation member as well as the residents.

As a believer, I feel it was the spirit of the Lord at work, but anyone who had been there would have to have been touched by the entire scene.

I am sure other congregations have done the same thing but my hat is off especially to the folks at Corinth.

Dewey Searcy

Glen Allen, Va.

Civil War battle welcome addition to Burgoo

To the editor:

It won’t be long until it is time for the Burgoo Festival.

I must say it was wonderful to have a Civil War reenactment battle held at our county park last year. That was a perfect place for the battle. I hope it will become a permanent part of the Burgoo Festival. It is good for Lawrenceburg and there aren’t that many places that host these battles.

It was education for young and old. So many of us had relatives that fought in the Civil War. It is like seeing history come alive. Books are fine, but there is nothing like real life.

Jayne C. Wells