Letters to the editor - 7.22

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By The Staff

Paper should focus on Obama, not Dahlen

To the editor:

Picking up [last week’s edition of] The Anderson News, as we always do, was a true disappointment to my husband and myself.

It’s not that the “Dentist charged” (you know the rest) story was in the paper, but where and how it was displayed. You must have needed this for your ratings.

With what is happening, the destruction of our nation by [President] Obama’s agenda, is this the best you can do?

I know Mr. Obama has most news outlets under his thumb, and that could be your problem.

There are men in our military going to court with their lawyers because they will not go overseas to fight until Obama proves he is a citizen and has the right to hold the office of president.

No one hires many lawyers to fight, keeping his legal papers under lock and key, if there is nothing to hide.

Now this is news!

I find what you did to Dahlen mean spirited, and you used this just to sell papers.

That is so sad when there are important matters that will affect our way of life and American family’s, including here in Anderson County.

I wanted you to know how we feel, and others feel the same.

As our once great country sinks like the Titanic, your unimportant articles will not achieve greatness, like standing up for our nation and standing behind our military and the issues that concern them.

If I were in your shoes and knowing my life, my family and my country were hanging in the balance, my first priority would be as a patriot to use my skills and do my part to inform people what is happening, because most news shows and newspapers are in bed with Mr. Obama — a true slobbering love affair.

There are Americans in Anderson County who would appreciate a true picture of what is about to hit us — nothing like being forewarned.

So as you can see the headlines of your paper are not of importance. To me it is a gossip machine and may destroy a man or his family. The man who calls himself president can destroy a whole nation.

Karen Richardson


Dahlen article added to family’s pain

To the editor:

I like to voice my opinion about your article on last week’s paper about Dr. Dahlen.

I think it is a shame that you find it newsworthy to humiliate a respected member of the community that happens to be sick.

In my opinion, if you must put it in your newspaper, it should have been in the records section, not in the front page as the main story.

Alcoholism is a sickness and should be addressed as such, not as a news flash bulletin that did nothing but add pain to a family already struggling with this problem.

Reading your article reminded me of the reason I canceled my subscription to your newspaper. As of today, I will not buy even a single copy of it.

Elizabeth Drymon


Treat others like Dahlen was treated

To the editor:

I was very sorry to see that you reversed an earlier decision you made not to publish the picture of someone who had been caught driving under the influence.

What Dr. Dahlen [allegedly] did was wrong, and I am glad that the Lawrenceburg Police were there to protect us.

What Dr. Dahlen [allegedly] did, however, is no worse than those who drink and throw their empty bottle pint of Old Crow or quart bottle of Bud Light beer on the front lawns of Main Street while driving. They just did not get caught.

Dr. Dahlen is a good person, a good dentist and a good citizen. So in fairness to Dr. Dahlen, and since you have fallen off “your wagon” a little, please print the pictures of those who are arrested this week while driving under the influence in next week’s paper.

Judi Fryer


Boy Scouts offer recycling help

To the editor:

Boy Scout Troop 37 is continuing its recycling project known as Cans to Camp.

We recycle aluminum cans primarily, but we accept anything that is aluminum or copper. Since the inception of this project it has been a win-win project, one that has kept recyclable material out of the landfills and provided funding for Boy Scouts to attend various camping trips.

The drop off location is at First Christian Church, located at 300 South Main (across from Speedway). Cans may be dropped outside the Boy Scout Room, located on the Chautauqua Street side of the church. The scout room entrance is directly across from the county attorney’s office.

All funds from the recycling project stay here in Anderson County to help develop today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders.

Please contact me at 839-9970 if you have any questions.

Kevin Cox