Letters to the editor - 7.28

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By The Staff

Bourbon does more harm than good

To the editor:

I read the editorial in the July 31 issue of The Anderson News about the blessings of the bourbon to Anderson County. In reference to those who go to church and don’t drink being hypocrites, most of those that I know are not perfect but are not hypocrites. They just believe what the word of God says about strong drink. I know many hypocrites in other phases of life, perhaps there are some in the news media.

In the same column there was some concern about attorneys entering the courthouse without a business license to defend drunk drivers and wife beaters. Is there a possibility that those drunk ones had had too much of the wonderful bourbon?

Many of the arrests that we see in The Anderson News are DUI.

I believe the Bible is true when it reads “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.” Proverbs 20:1 KJV

I hope that many don’t get deceived about the money concept rather than the harm that is being done by the money concept and bourbon.

E. Paul Perry


Mark your calendars for Relay for Life 2011

To the editor:

It’s never too soon to get started. Mark your calendars — the 10th annual Anderson County Relay for Life has been scheduled for Friday, June 10, 2011.

Anderson County citizens can be very proud of their support of Relay for Life, as we have raised over $652,000 in the past nine years that has gone to the American Cancer Society to save lives, help people affected by cancer and empower all to fight back against this disease.

There are many ways you can become involved. Veteran Relay teams have already started working on ideas for fundraisers and special projects leading up to the big event next summer. We also look forward to having new teams take part and welcome individuals to participate as well.

Additionally, if you or your business is unable to form a team, you can still contribute as a corporate sponsor, by joining the Circle of Friends, or by donating a gift in kind.

To participate, please contact Chairman Derek Ruble at 502-839-1025 or by e-mail at derekruble@bellsouth.net.

To publicize team fundraisers or activities, please contact members of the Publicity Committee: Teresa McWilliams, 502-839-7730; Susan Johnson, 502-839-9921; or Charlene Hanks, 502-839-7490.

If you are a cancer survivor, or you know a survivor who has not been contacted in the past about Relay for Life, please call Darla Renner at 502-839-6238.

Keep checking The Anderson News for information about upcoming Relay for Life meetings and events, including the second annual House of Trees.

Anderson County Relay for Life Committee