Letters to the editor - 8.18

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By The Staff

Drury’s heart same as Thomas Jefferson’s

To the editor:

It is with great honor that I submit my support for Donna Drury’s candidacy for Anderson County judge-executive.

She has shown not only in her conduct but in her principles to be a vigilant supporter for the rights of the citizens of Anderson County, the city of Lawrenceburg, and someone whom I trust will faithfully defend the principles of a republic government of, by and for the people that was set in motion 234 years ago by our founding fathers.

As we have seen with the recent nomination of [Republican senate candidate] Rand Paul as well as the movement started by the Ron Paul Revolution, people across the United States are outraged at a government which panders change to the people while working together behind closed doors.

Both parties in their conduct and their actions continue to oppress we the people in unlawful taxes, debt that continues to skyrocket and by passing laws that continue to give Washington, D.C., and the corrupt banks power over the people.

It is in these times that if we we as a nation are hungry for a government that works and remains accountable to us.

It is dire in these times that we be honest and accountable not only to ourselves, but accountable to the future generations of Anderson County, the city of Lawrenceburg, and the United States of America.

It begins with the right we all exercise as voters in supporting those people who will faithfully put the Constitution and principles promoting liberty, a sound economy, and principles over good old boy politicking, self interest and party platform.

While I have not been back to Lawrenceburg since I moved to Ohio in 1998, I remain a proud alumni of Anderson County High School class of 1997. I may have left Lawrenceburg, however Lawrenceburg has never left me. It has and will always remain my hometown.

Based on the facts and evidence of Mrs. Drury’s ethics, principles and dedication to the people of Anderson County, I have no doubt that she will honorably and faithfully execute the office of county judge-executive.

We live in times much like those which set in motion our government and our independence from tyranny. We all are responsible to inform and educate ourselves in our Constitution and the readings of our founding fathers.

In my personal conversations with Mrs. Drury, I believe that the people of Anderson County have before them a candidate who is of the same heart as Thomas Jefferson. I encourage all of you to research the facts, ignore the as-usual politics and vote for those candidates who are truly real sons and daughters of liberty.

Donald Casto II

Lancaster, Ohio

Judge candidates should share visions for county park

To the editor:

I wish that you would please address the county park situation with the readers of The Anderson News. I would like to see which, or if any, of the county judge candidates has a remedy or a plan to fix or just make changes at the county park. Many readers and voters have expressed their embarrassment of the way the park is maintained and how much it is costing the taxpayers of Anderson County.

Many of us travel to surrounding counties and see how their parks are maintained and administered and see that they are self-sufficient operations. How can we expect to lure companies large or small with a park system operated the way ours is operated?

I wish that you could ask each candidate what his or her plans are. I think it would make for some very interesting reading. And I think this is one of the biggest issues on Anderson County voters’ minds.

Joe Peavler