Letters to the editor - 8.4

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By The Staff

‘Embarrassed’ to live in Anderson County

To the editor:

Last Wednesday I was reading The Anderson News as I do every week and when I put the paper down, I was filled with disappointment and dread.

I am so ashamed of our county government and angry at the waste. We pay these people from a “too-little budget” and provide them with computers so they can spend work time wasting our dollars.

I consider this fraud.

I am paying them with my tax dollars to do a job that they are clearly not spending their time doing. The image of our county government is of personnel playing porno on our computers and goofing off with sex toys.

This certainly gives our “A Friendly Community” a whole different meaning.

It sounds as though our county government is run by a bunch of children who do not know how to behave and led by a judge-executive who does not know how to manage and supervise his staff, or at a minimum a staff that does not respect their judge-executive by acting the way that it has.

However, Judge-Executive Steve Cornish is the leader and he is responsible for how his staff operates, whether he is there or not. Clear and concise policy on appropriate behavior should have been written down and signed by each staff member with the agreement that any breach of that policy would result in their immediate termination.

With the county government we have at this time, is it any wonder that we cannot get businesses to come here? Perhaps there needs to be a class in how to behave in a professional and businesslike manner.

I am embarrassed to say that I live in Anderson County and cannot recommend this community as a place to live to any family currently looking to move here.

Kristin Durham


Time for proactive approach to end park vandalism

To the editor:

Please pass along my thanks to the selfish, reckless, disrespectful hoodlums who vandalized and burglarized the soccer pavilion at the county park.

To those involved, thank you for not only stealing from the soccer association, but stealing from the innocent youth of the community, taking up the time from our sheriff’s department — yet again as it has to investigate another vandalism report — and stealing from the taxpayers’ money to repair all that you damaged.

While I’m thanking you, I’ll thank your parents as well for doing such a fantastic job raising you with such outstanding morals and molding you into wonderful, upstanding citizens of this community. (Yes, that’s a little sarcasm there.)

Now, my question to the county leaders: When is enough, enough? When are going to stop wasting tax dollars to continually fix what gets destroyed? Stop taking reactive measures and let’s do something proactive about this problem. The soccer pavilion has cameras installed but not working. Let’s invest the money into updating them so we have constant monitoring on all pavilions, thus reducing the need for increased patrolling of the county park.

With the cameras in place, we could detour some, but I’m sure not all, of the vandalism. For those that would still be stupid enough to continue to vandalize our county park, we would at least be able to identify them and punish them accordingly.

Make any offender work off their debt to the community with community service in the county park. I know there is plenty of work that can be done around the park through simple maintenance and cleaning.

Bathrooms can always use a good scrubbing, picnic tables can be sanded to remove the profanity that is left, litter can be picked up from across the park; I could go on and on with this list.

Let’s stand up as a community and put a stop to this in our community park. Let’s keep our park beautiful and safe for our children.

Margaret Adkins

Member of the Anderson Independent Youth Soccer Association Board of Directors