Letters to the editor - 9.1

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By The Staff

‘Sensational’ editorial misrepresents library

To the editor:

In last week’s editorial, Mr. Carlson attempted to imply that the Anderson Public Library is squandering taxpayer money while gouging local taxpayers for every cent possible. The library was not contacted before this editorial was printed in order to clarify any of the information presented. I would like to take the opportunity to do so now.

In response to Mr. Carlson’s statement about the library “grabbing” money, I would like to point out that, as Mr. Carlson well knows, the library operates under a funding formula defined by state law. For the last few years, the library has accepted the compensating rate rather than the 4 percent increase they are allowed by law. Yes, that has recently resulted in more money than the library spends to operate each year, but rather than congratulating the library for being frugal and fiscally responsible, Mr. Carlson seems to think that the library should be frowned upon for not spending every dollar available. Since the library is not a part of the county government, contrary to Mr. Carlson’s apparent belief, but is actually a local unit of state government, the fiscal court has no authority to do anything other than accept the financial statement presented to them. The library provides this document to them purely on an informational basis not because the court has the authority to approve or deny the budget. Furthermore, the document in question is not the library’s budget but is simply a summary of the previous fiscal year’s expenditures. Its intended purpose is to provide a summary, not a complete accounting. A complete financial statement is provided later in the year, after an independent audit has been conducted.

Regarding Mr. Carlson’s statements about library personnel costs, surely he did not mean to imply that only seven employees enjoy salaries that total $500,000. Personnel costs, as anyone doing business knows, include more than just salaries. Also included are mandatory retirement, social security and Medicare contributions, as well as health care expenses and required costs such as unemployment and worker’s compensation coverage. And while the number of full-time library employees is seven, the total number of library employees including part-time workers is actually between 21-24 depending on the time of year.

I realize that if Mr. Carlson had contacted the library for answers to his questions before writing his editorial, it would not have been nearly as sensational as his misleading comments implying that a local government agency is squandering and possibly mishandling taxpayer money. The library welcomes Mr. Carlson’s examination of the records he has asked for under an open records request and will gladly answer any questions he might have. Hopefully, that will allow him to present a more accurate picture of the library and its finances the next time he chooses to write a column about this subject. Perhaps in the future, he should ask the questions before writing the column.

Katie Stevens Hutton

Secretary of the Library Board of Trustees

An open forum challenge to Ben Chandler

To the editor:

Regarding the non-debate between Ben Chandler and challenger Andy Barr being carried out by the Herald-Leader online: This is an inane forum designed purely to keep Ben Chandler from having to face the public.

The Herald-Leader has conveniently arranged it to provide Ben an “out.” You, Ben, are not purely a candidate…you are a sitting congressman who has spent the last 19 months voting into existence a centrally planned economy which will impact every man, woman and child in this district and this country.

You have taken unthinkable liberties with our lives and have refused to openly discuss your actions. You have offered to meet with us individually in your office…on your turf with all the trappings of your position.

I am calling you out to meet with us on our turf. Get to know our space and our lives. I am speaking as a housewife and a mother, standing shoulder to shoulder with all “the little people” who are forced to live under policies inflicted by the stroke of a pen. We drive trucks, we work in grocery stores, we tend hearth and home, and we are ignored.

You claim to have visited people in all walks of life across this district. When and where?

How were these “meetings” publicized? You have no answer because they weren’t. You chose the place and the audience; all of it orchestrated. You insult us with ads rehashing your “glory days” of 2003. We want to talk about 2010. If you will not debate Andy Barr face to face, have an open forum with this housewife. Is that too intimidating for you, or do you prefer to enjoy the sanctity of your Washington office?

The rest of us will continue slogging through the real world, finding ways to adjust our lives to the “new,” the “green,” and the obscene…the effects of your voting record.

Eunice Logan


Thanks for work on Woodlawn Cemetery

To the editor:

I want to thank First Christian Church and Ritchie-Peach Funeral Home for the work they performed on Woodlawn Hills Cemetery.  I have been a neighbor of the cemetery for five years, and have walked through it many times.

To see grave markers of people who served this country from the Civil War through today is inspiring. The history of this place is the history of this country and this county. While some of the grave markers are simple stones, and some are ornate, there is history and reverence when you enter.

The cemetery needs the love and care of us all.  Let us not forget the fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, friends and neighbors who rest in Woodlawn Hills Cemetery. Again, my appreciation and respect to First Christian Church, and its members who worked diligently to assure dignity and peace to those who rest there.

Steve McCully


Rally is start of America’s ‘return to God’

To the editor:

God told Glenn Beck, build it and they will come. Hundreds of thousands came to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Aug. 28.

The last time I looked at the count it was over 129,000 on one link I was watching on the Internet. CSPAN had to have had the largest viewing rating in its history. This is the day America returns to God. What a better day to have this, on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s famous speech “I Have a Dream.”

[King’s] niece Alveda King spoke and said, “I too have a dream,” standing in the same place her uncle stood. The only way our Nation will stand is if we unite arm and arm as Americans, as Christians.

Many Anderson County Americans knew nothing of this event. Why, the only channel that kept announcing it was Fox News and Glenn Beck.

This was a Restoring Honor Rally for all freedom-loving Americans. In the crowd were mothers, fathers, grandparents, and their children, whose futures are in danger.

There were over a thousand ministers of all faiths representing 180 million within their flock. In the last 18 months we have lost much, and the constant attacks saying we are no longer a Christian nation is the last straw.

It is time to quit apologizing for America around the world. We have made mistakes, but who hasn’t? We are not perfect that is why we need God’s grace.

We are a great country and always the first one that is called when there are problems.

Awards were given out to men that have served our nation, our military was honored, and there were tears of joy and love for our country and our fellow Americans.  

Our country is bankrupt, that means no money. We are having a hard time just paying the interest on what we borrowed. It is time to say enough is enough, make a stand as a nation and ask God to guide us.

These ministers of all faiths said we are at a crossroads ready to fall off a cliff. I believe this could be a last wake up call.

What do you say to your children when they ask what part did you play to stop this? Will there be an answer for them or a country? 

I too have a dream, the question is, do you?

May God bless you and all Americans.

Karen Richardson


A warning to those who park in handicap spaces

To the editor:

I am pretty fed up with the situation of handicap parking at the West Park McDonald’s.

Ever since the RedBox [video rental unit] was put in RedBox customers want to park in the handicap parking while renting a movie.

It is a shame that some residents of Lawrenceburg have no more respect for the disabled than that.

I have called the police on several occasions and they do respond, but usually after the RedBox customers have left.

I pulled up to park in the handicap parking to let my mother out last Friday and could not park in either of the two handicap parking spots because RedBox customers were parked there. I pulled beside the ramp, which is not a parking spot, and let my mother out. She had to say excuse me two times before the customers would move so she could get to the door.

That is what put the icing on the cake for me.  So here is a warning to all who are too lazy to walk a few steps to rent a movie at the West Park McDonald’s RedBox: I will call the police on you if you are parked there and do not have a handicap tag or permit.

It is a shame that I would have to waste the time of our local police department.  I would rather see them spend their time arresting drug dealers, thieves and drunk drivers.

Cherie Peterman