Letters to the editor - 9.22

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By The Staff

Voters need to choose better judge-executive

To the editor:

Where is our county’s government?

I am curious to know where our governing body has been during the alleged inappropriate conduct that has occurred in the county judge-executive’s office and the county road department office.

Why hasn’t the fiscal court members questioned or even made recommendations to the current county judge-executive about what needed to be done to resolve the alleged issues of sexual harassment, pornography, etc., that continuously occur in county offices?

The alleged inappropriate and horrific behavior by county employees has transpired during business hours while we, the county citizens, are paying the county judge-executive, magistrates’ and employees’ salaries. The fiscal court members have the responsibility to know this is occurring (which they do in this instance) and take appropriate action (which they have not).

The media has been covering the pending lawsuit, which was filed more than a year ago. Our magistrates have known about these allegations from the beginning, but what has been done? Additionally, the victim alleges that even the county judge-executive was made aware of the sexual harassment. This should have been a top priority and addressed immediately. Their failure to deal with this issue has resulted in county residents paying for those consequences regardless of who wins.

Anderson County citizens and government have suffered irreprehensible financial hardships and moral turpitude.

We desperately need a county judge-executive who knows how to operate the county judge’s office in a professional manner and give the respect to citizens of Anderson County along with the employees who have had to endure this type of inappropriate conduct and deserve to work in a non-threatening environment.

Our county needs a leader who will not tolerate employees wasting our hard earned tax dollars.  Some candidates campaign about not raising taxes, but yet they don’t take the time to address the issues occurring in their own backyard and uphold the laws they have taken an oath to enforce and bring our county the respect it deserves.

I encourage voters to look into this for themselves and consider what I have said when they vote in the fall.

If we have no respect for our county, how can we expect anyone else to take our local government seriously: prospective new citizens to want to live here, private companies to set up a business here, or state and federal government to provide the financial assistance we need to improve this place we call home?

Debbie Salleng


Last week’s cartoon was ‘poignant and relevant’

To the editor:

I love a good editorial cartoon. Kentucky lost a journalistic treasure several years ago when Nick Anderson left the Courier-Journal for Houston, and it’s a sign of what’s happening to print journalism that what used to be one of the best papers in the country hasn’t replaced him. Of course, the mere presence of a resident cartoonist doesn’t ensure quality. Witness the Herald-Leader.

Terry Wise, whose work frequently appears in The Anderson News, doesn’t often meet my obviously high standards for this kind of work, but his cartoon in your September 15 edition was a good one. Regardless of which side you’re on in our upcoming U. S. Senate race, he captured a broad mood. His cartoon was funny, poignant and relevant. He should keep it up.

David P. Nutgrass


Keep congressional politics clean, please

To the editor:

At times like these when our country is in desperate need for a sign of intelligence we must put our ugly arena of politics aside and come together and discuss our differences of opinion.

Only then, we might come to agree on taking proper action to right all the wrongs that are degrading our economic and monetary systems and find new avenues of rebuilding our towns, cities and states.

If we cannot rise above and go beyond the labels we wear, Democrat, Republican, liberal, Christian, Jew, Muslim or whatever, we will solve nothing. These labels are beliefs and ideologies that have been handed down to each and every one of us. These labels are a part of our past and have no place in helping to make our country prosperous, in the political world, economic world and spiritual world. Our problems are here in the now.

This holds true for all of humanity, regardless of race, creed or color. When we believe in something, whether it is God, a specific religion, or an ideology, that belief becomes a wall that separates us from one another. Please, stop and think about this. If people can see the truth of this, our problems , economic or otherwise, would fall away quickly.

If we keep attacking one another, nothing will ever be accomplished. I do believe there are bad apples that care nothing about the United States of America and they are stealing us blind. Those are the people we should bring out into the open and expose, not the new young men and women running for political positions.

So, I am respectfully asking both Andy Barr and Ben Chandler to come together, set aside all your ideologies and get down to the business at hand. In fact, all Americans should demand this of all their representatives, congressmen, senators and the president of the United States.

Bill Boccalatte