Letters to the Editor

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By The Staff

Official should leave Corns, private land owners alone

To the editor:

I am amazed by the comments lately from one of our elected officials, first he bashes the Corn family for speaking up in defense of their business, a business that many in Anderson County frequent.

Just to refresh everyone's memory, the Corns sold a county employee exactly what he came in and asked for. Then the county wanted to not pay the Corn family because of some kind of internal power struggle going on.

Long story short the Corns got paid and end of story. That is until this county official wants to get sarcastic last week about the Corn family not being able to wait for their payment.

I'm calling BS on this one as this county official has no business calling out a private business owner for providing an item that a county employee asked for. Take the authority away from the employee to purchase anything, and leave the Corns alone.

Fast forward one week and although I agree with this county official about the new boat ramp in Tyrone, he then has to go popping off about a private land owner clearing land. I invite anyone to travel down Lock Road and see the great job the Walker family is doing on cleaning up Mr. Whooten's farm.

Now I guess he wants to stop a private land owner from clearing trees and cleaning out old ponds so they can use the land for the purpose they bought it for - farming.

By doing so we, the residents of Lock Road., have a much safer road to travel as the trees that we used to not be able to see around are now gone.

I say thank you to the Walkers for improving our road. Maybe this county official will sell them his farm on Lock Road and they can clean that one up also.

This county official has a point of view that I cannot agree with. He seems to think that business owners are to bow down to the local government and that private land owners have no rights as to what they do with the land they have paid for. I think that the local government should be more business friendly, to attract more businesses to locate in Anderson County.

Land owners should be encouraged to improve their property for uses such as farming.

As a disclosure I have no affiliation with the Corn or Walker families.

Steve Lyons

Lock Road

Thanks for making Timber Creek Safer

To the editor:

I want to take time to thank Jason Denny for getting the job done.

I asked him if he could make our road (Timber Creek Road) safer because trees had grown so big you could not see who was coming on our small road. Also, big holes were getting bigger after last winter.

The road department did a really good job. It has not looked that good for years.

Thanks again to all that did the work and a special thanks to Jason Denny for a listening ear.

Vickie Burgin