Liberals trying to ‘convert’ us, our children

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Regarding the ACLU — and those collaborators who work with it to strip Kentucky of its Christian identity — it’s worth remembering that “love your enemies” doesn’t mean “pretend you haven’t any.”
When liberals let on like they’ll be satisfied if only we agree to their latest “small” and “fair” demand, they are lying. Always.
The left is the mouse to whom one should never ever give a cookie, for every leftist triumph is followed by another demand for something else, and then for something else, and then something else again.
Under Clinton, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was the leftist goal, but it would now be condemned as a radical right-wing policy; while today liberals demonize defenders of real marriage, back in the 90s they mocked as paranoid crazies conservatives who warned that gay “marriage” was the next step in the homosexualist agenda.
Here in Frankfort, the gay lobby and its sock puppets on the city council have empowered, at taxpayers’ expense, a team of Tolerance Commissars to look over the shoulders of landlords and businessmen; in Louisville public schools use public money to stuff politically correct propaganda into the heads of students.
Over time the liberal pretense to neutrality is revealed as just that — a pretense. Liberalism is a religion and an aggressive one, with its own dogmas, ministers and rituals. And liberals are trying to convert us, or at least our children.
If we agree to exclude God from schools, then we will indeed have the godless schools they demand; we will have replaced God with their utopian idol, the liberated individual.
Those offended by the Gospel will find this hard to grasp, but Western civilization’s respect for personal dignity is bound to an implicitly Christian understanding of man. At best such respect may linger for a little while in social, legal and political institutions after they have been purged of Christian consciousness.
But only for a little while.
The message needs to be repeated, again and again:  Without God there are no rights worth having.
Jerry Salyer