Library board approves amended $3.4M budget

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Surplus carryover higher than expected; payroll increases nearly $22K

By Meaghan Downs

Library board director Pam Mullins said she budgets “conservatively,” not wanting to anticipate too much in income, or too little in expenses for the Anderson Public Library.
And since the library board of trustees approved her final $3.336 million budget in May of 2012, there have been a few changes for both projected revenue and expenses.
The board voted unanimously in its Jan. 15 meeting to amend the library’s budget from $3.336 to $3.442 million for the current fiscal year ending June 30, 2013.
The revised numbers include a $106,741 difference in anticipated overall revenue.
Most of that $106,741 increase in projected revenue comes from the $85,241 for previous fiscal year carryover, added to the library’s $2 million reserves, Mullins said.
The previous amount of funding assigned for carryover was an estimate, Mullins said, when the library first started its draft budget for 2012-13 in the spring.
“I don’t anticipate using any of that at this time,” she said of the library’s reserve funds, now at a total $2.085 million.
Mullins said she does anticipate a $20,000 increase in total tax revenue for a total  $1.32 million and a $5,400 increase in miscellaneous revenue, which includes library service charges, user fees and “other” revenue.  
According to Mullins, the increase in projected miscellaneous revenue is attributed to what the library takes in for faxes, copies and print outs, as well as late fines for videos, charges for damaged or lost materials, or interlibrary loan fees.
Mullins said she’s based the total $14,000 estimate for miscellaneous revenue on what the library is currently receiving on a monthly average for those fees and service charges.  
Mullins decreased the library’s professional services expenses by $45,000, money previously assigned to cover associated design costs and other services for a potential building expansion.
Because the board will not be moving forward with any expansion plans during this fiscal year, Mullins said, the professional services fund was reduced from $55,000 to $10,000.  
Other expense funds with slight decreases of $1,000 to $3,000 include library utilities, telephone, insurance and marketing.
For other library expenses, Mullins increased capital outlay cost from $52,000 to $86,000 to cover the replacement of most of the older model public library computers and some back office server hardware.
Supplies funding expenses saw an increase of $17,000 for the library’s recent DVD security upgrade, Mullins said.
Computer maintenance/software and programming expenses both received a $5,000 increase each.
Because of personnel changes, with at least one part-time employee moving to full-time status and a few recent part-time hires, total library personnel expenses increased by $21,800.
The amended budget reflects a $21,500 increase in expenses for a total $1.357 million.

Other business  
The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office will be performing a safety assessment and staff training for the library while the library is closed on President’s Day, Mullins said. The library is still discussing other additional plans to increase the building’s security.
Mullins also reported a 2 percent library circulation increase from December of last year.