Locals flock to pumps fearing higher gas prices

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By Shannon Brock

Jeremy Coates spent $100 filling up his truck Friday afternoon, and that was considered a good deal.

With rumors of gas topping $5 per gallon in Lexington and Louisville on Friday morning, a friend told Coates he should fill up soon or literally pay the price.

And Coates certainly was not alone.

Kathy Case, who was working the cash register at the BP on U.S. 127, said the gas station had seen a definite increase in business during the lunch hour Friday.

"The pumps have been full for an hour and a half," Case said.

But Five Star on Broadway could even top that.

"They've been out there since 8 this morning nonstop," said Jennifer Walker, customer service representative. "Business has increased dramatically (today)."

Both gas stations had their prices posted at $3.85 per gallon on their electric signs, but neither had been able to switch the price at the pumps because they were always full and in use.

Customers at Five Star were still paying $3.63 as of about 12:45 Friday afternoon.

Hurricane Ike, whose rains were already causing flooding in Texas and Louisiana by midday Friday, is forcing Texas oil refineries to close - at least for a few days - driving gas prices up.

Brenda Perry, who filled up her car at Five Star, said she was due for some gas, but even if she weren't she would have "topped off" anyway.

"My husband called and said to fill up the car on my lunch break," Perry said.

Becky Meadows filled her van up at Five Star as well.

"I don't want to wait until it's $5 here," she said.

Walker said she and her coworker, Nathan Jenkins, hear complaints about gas prices all the time.

"We hear it all day long - like it's our fault," she said.

Jenkins quipped that he wished it was his fault.

"We'd be making more money than we knew what to do with," he said.

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