Magistrates to consider charging for compactor

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By Ben Carlson

Magistrate David Ruggles, who chairs the fiscal court’s solid waste committee, floated the idea of charging a fee to those who utilize the compactor at the county highway facility.
Ruggles said the fees the fiscal court pays for the compactor are already $7,000 over this year’s budget, and that a change needs to be made.
“It’s killing us,” he said.
Ruggles suggested charging $1 for a trashcan of material, $3 for half a pickup truck, $5 for a full pickup and $10 for a trailer. He said it’s unclear if those figures would offset the cost of the compactor, but he isn’t interested in the county making money on the deal.
“I just want to pay for it,” he said.
Ruggles said the fee to take items to the landfill are considerably higher.
“If people don’t like [the compactor fee], they are welcome to take it to the Benson Valley Landfill and pay four to five times more,” he said.
Judge-Executive John Wayne Conway said the fee might spark even more people to illegally dump junk on Wildcat Road, clearly a sore spot recently after a load of shingles was found in the middle of that rural, gravel roadway that connects Tyrone and Stringtown.
Conway said he is considering a way to install video cameras on each end of Wildcat Road.
“If someone drives on one end with a load and leaves the other without the load, click, we got them.”
Ruggles added that the compactor fees could also allow the county to work with an Ohio company that will provide a container to hold discarded household carpet.
He said that container would cost around $700 per month.