Mailed pot lands two behind bars

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Police say 57-year-old accepted 8 pounds of weed in exchange for crack

By Ben Carlson

A 57-year-old Lawrenceburg woman is behind bars for allegedly allowing 8 pounds of pot to be mailed to her home in exchange for crack cocaine.
Diana L. Hart of 303 Vail Drive was charged with trafficking marijuana when a postal inspector tracked a large box to her home that was mailed from an address in California.
The post office alerted the Lawrenceburg Police Department, which arrested Hart and Lexington resident Tenisha Y. Higgins on Friday afternoon, according to police. Both are charged with trafficking marijuana, over 5 pounds, a Class C felony.
Hart allegedly allowed the package to be mailed to her address in exchange for the crack, which police said was for “her personal use.”
Armed with a search warrant, police searched Hart’s home Friday and found the box, which contained eight packages of marijuana that had been shrink-wrapped and covered in dryer sheets to hide the odor.
In his citation, officer Josh Satterly wrote that he observed Hart contact Higgins on a speaker phone and told her to come get the package.
Satterly said the two agreed to meet in the West Park Shopping Plaza. He said that when Higgins arrived, she pulled up next to Hart, had a brief conversation before both left and met in the parking lot of a nearby gas station.
Once there, Satterly said that Hart signaled to Higgins to flee the scene.
Hart was arrested in the parking lot and Higgins was arrested a short time later on US 127 Bypass.
Both were taken to the Lawrenceburg Police Department before being transported to the Shelby County Detention Center.
Hart was jailed in lieu of a $5,000 bond. No information was available on Higgins.
In his report, Satterly said that Hart claimed she didn’t know what was in the package, saying that she had accepted a package one other time for Higgins.