Many thanked for help with play

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To the editor:
I am 44 years old and I have never felt the spirit of Christmas more than directing the show “Yes, Virginia The Musical.”
I’d like to first start by thanking The Anderson News and you, Mr. Carlson, for giving the cast of Virginia the wonderful newspaper props that you so graciously printed and donated to us.
I think it so worthy and necessary for the people of this community to know and see your generosity. The fact that you printed the entire Virginia editorial with the New York Sun headline was enough, but [the paper’s creative director, Mary Garrison] went the extra mile and added the Macy’s ad on the back. I can’t wait to send a copy to Macy’s with our thank you letter to them.
Macy’s gave Saffell Street Elementary one of 100 grants to perform the show, but the memories these kids now have is worth much more.
I also want to thank staff writer Meaghan Downs for the coverage she continues to share with your readers. Our kids have been so excited with all the buzz she created with her article and all the pictures so far.
We had a wonderful community following at our day and evening shows along with our two performances at Macy’s Department Store in Fayette Mall.
I would also like to thank the many teachers and students at Anderson County High School and Anderson Middle for their collaborative efforts in creating props and sets and working with students.
I also want to thank the many volunteers that helped with costumes and other needs, along with Teresa Miller for including her third grade class.
This really was a wonderful experience for kids. I appreciate the administration’s continued support of the srts in Anderson County. Sheila Mitchell, the Anderson County Board of Education, Terry Drury and his elves helped install the electric needed to use real stage lights that a student was able to gain technical experience in running for our show. It gave the show more of a theatrical feel thanks to those lights and the spot lights we were able to borrow with the help of Michael Ray and the Anderson County Community Theatre.
The learning through this show never stopped. Thank you to all that were involved in any way with this production.
I’m so proud to teach these kids and to be able to share with them all the generosity shown to us during this show.
Thank you again, Mr. Carlson, and Merry Christmas.
Meredith Hyatt Lewis
Saffell Street Elementary
Music Specialist