McCann dominates middleweights at Beast of Bluegrass

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Forty compete for strongman title

By The Staff

Forty competitors from 12 states went after the Beast of the Bluegrass title Saturday at Eagle Lake Convention Center.

The event was sactioned by North American Strongman, Inc.

Robby McCann, a Lawrenceburg native who now lives in Georgetown, easily took the middleweight open division, while Ian Darr of Cottage Hills, Ill., took the heavyweight open and Josh Puckett of Salyersville captured the lightweight class.

“All Lawrenceburg guys did well,” said event organizer Davey McCann. “Nate Bradley got third in the lightweight novice class. Amory Hardin beat all of his personally best times in every event. He came up short from getting in the top three but with beating all of his original best times you can’t really complain too much. Robby McCann dominated his middleweight open class. He won three out of five events, tied in one and got second in the other.”

The competition used traditional strongman objects but added a school bus pull for this year. “The school bus pull was probably the most crazy-looking event,” Davey McCann said. “With a short bus pulled by the women, teen, masters, and novice classes and a regular 40-foot, approximately 30,000lb bus pulled by all the open class competitors. A big thanks to the Anderson Bus Garage for bringing the buses.”

The competitors were diverse, ranging from 14 to 63 years old.

“The things I’ll remember the most probably are Tom Hayden from Ohio,” Davey McCann said. “He’s 63 years old and 227 pounds. He carried 550 pounds on his back for 80 feet. He also pulled the short school bus 80 ft. I only hope I’m half as strong as this guy when I’m 63.”

“The women (were) pulling the school bus with ease. The 14-year-old Beast from London.He beat not only his class but the men too. Ian Darr in the heavyweight open class went 80 feet with 800 pounds on his back in 18 seconds. That is smoking fast.

“Carl Dorr loaded all five stones from 220 to 360 in 32 seconds. That’s the fastest time ever for my contest and he was the only one to load all five of those stones. Robby McCann won pretty much every event in his class. He had an almost flawless contest. Nate Bradley I think surprised his competition. He started off rocky in the log press but finished very strong and climbed back up to third place and just missing second place by half a point. Amory Hardin beat all of his best times so when you put it all on the line and beat all of your training numbers you can’t be too upset with yourself.”

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