Medicaid flourishing here, not Obamacare

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Here’s how to avoid ‘Unaffordable Care Act’ tax penalities


Uh oh. That was my takeaway after watching Gov. Steve Beshear’s appearance Sunday on “Meet the Press.”
Paraded out by Democrats looking for something, anything positive to say about Obamacare, Beshear was supposed to trumpet how well Kentucky has done signing up people for the controversial health tax (yes, I said tax, not law, and point to the Supreme Court decision to back it up).
Beshear did an admirable job spouting that there have been roughly 25,000 sign-ups and heralding the state’s ability to create a website that actually works.
But when pressed Beshear admitted that of those 25,000 sign-ups, 21,000 have signed up for Medicaid, not Obamacare. If that trend continues Kentucky, let alone the rest of America, is going to have a big problem.
Here’s why: Those signing up for Medicaid, which Beshear unilaterally expanded, aren’t the types of people needed to make Obamacare work. Needed are young, healthy people who wouldn’t otherwise purchase health insurance but are needed to generate enough money to insure the old and poor.
In short, it’s designed to redistribute an incredible amount of wealth from young people in order to provide the so-called subsidies for the old and poor.
Without huge numbers of young people signing up, Obamacare will quickly go bust.
As for Kentucky, Beshear landed millions of federal dollars to expand Medicaid, but that’s a temporary windfall and paying for all of these additional Medicaid patients will soon be the responsibility of taxpayers here.
The school board, which on Monday voted to spend nearly $1,000 in a thinly veiled lobbying effort disguised as a study, ought to be grateful for the state funds it does receive because once the bills for expanded Medicaid become Kentucky’s responsibility, state funds will become even more difficult — if not impossible — to obtain.

Speaking of the Obamacare tax …
Every tax law has loopholes and this one’s no different.
Companies like General Electric, Google and others use loopholes to avoid paying any taxes at all, so there’s no logical reason those who don’t want to purchase Obamacare can’t do the same.
Although Obamacare is a tax, it’s set up a little differently in that if you don’t get a year-end tax refund, you simply don’t have to pay the tax penalty for not signing up.
All one needs to do is set up their payroll deductions in a way that precludes them from getting a refund — no harm, no foul.
And, unlike other taxes, if you don’t pay the IRS can’t place a lien on bank accounts and property.
“Mr. Carlson, you know full well that what you advise purposefully violates the spirit of this tax, errr, law,” Obamacare supporters will say. “You’re just being irresponsible.”
Really? Does GE not paying taxes violate the spirit of the law? What about Google? They hire high-end tax attorneys and accountants for the express purpose of not paying taxes, which is both admirable and well within their rights. There’s absolutely no reason an individual shouldn’t be able to use every accounting method or loophole to do the same.
“Well, Mr. Carlson, those who don’t sign up are going to get sick or injured and need healthcare at some point.”
Absolutely. That’s why if they do get sick and haven’t taken the initiative to save for their own medical care, all they need to do is take advantage of yet another loophole by signing up for Obamacare, which covers their pre-existing condition.
I didn’t write this goofy “law,” so don’t blame me.

Speaking of law …
One last thing on Obamacare then I’ll stop.
Back when Ted Cruz and House Republicans were hyperventilating over defunding Obamacare, its supporters countered that that Obamacare is “settled law” because it was voted on and upheld by the Supreme Court.
OK, but since when were settled laws suddenly out of bounds for those looking to have them changed?
My goodness, the 2nd Amendment has been settled law for over 200 years and, unlike Obamacare, is in the freakin’ Constitution!
But that hasn’t stopped the anti-gun forces from trying to undo it, now has it?
If we were to settle for every so-called settle law ever written, blacks and women would not be allowed to vote, so to even infer that Obamacare or any other law is settled is simply foolish.