Missing dog could be in Anderson County

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11-year-old Copper last seen on Ninevah Road

By Shannon Brock

A Franklin County dog that has been missing for over a month may have been spotted in Anderson County, a volunteer involved in the search said Thursday morning.

Copper, an 11-year-old Shiba Inu, was released into the wild on July 3 after being labeled as a coyote by a worker at the Franklin County Humane Society, said Barbara Murray, who is heading up the search effort for the dog.

Murray said the last reported sighting of Copper occurred on the Anderson County side of Ninevah Road.

Murray, a friend of Copper's owner, Lori Goodlett, said the last time Goodlett saw Copper, she was in her own fenced-in yard in the Cloverdale subdivision of Frankfort. However, whether by her own efforts or the efforts of someone else, Copper ended up in another fenced-in yard in the subdivision. The owner of that lot did not recognize the dog and called the police.

An officer picked up the animal and took it to the Franklin County Humane Society. A worker refused to keep the dog because she said it was a coyote and called the officer back to take it away.

Copper was released into the wild behind the Home Depot in Frankfort on July 3 and hasn't yet been found.

Murray said that same night fireworks were shot off in a nearby park, and she assumes the noise scared Copper into running the opposite direction.

A sighting of Copper was reported on Old Lawrenceburg Road in the area of the Stewart Home School in Frankfort, and even more recently reports say Copper might have been seen on Ninevah Road in Anderson County.

Copper stands about 12 to 15 inches tall, Murray said. She is reddish brown with a white underbelly and a graying face.

A reward is being offered for Copper's safe return. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has donated $1,000 to the cause and the reward total is up to $1,700, Murray said.

Anyone with information about Copper is asked to call Lori Goodlett at 502-226-2580.