More criticism leveled against new parks and rec director

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By Ben Carlson

A pair of softball enthusiasts kicked a little more dirt on new parks and recreation director Nick Satterly during last Tuesday night’s fiscal court meeting, alleging he altered a tournament bracket and is difficult to get along with.
Softball league volunteer James Koontz started by taking to task an assertion made earlier this month by Magistrate Kenny Barnett that up to 200 local girls were playing softball outside of Anderson County.
Koontz said that’s not true, but acknowledged that the league’s numbers are down. He said that as the sport’s popularity has grown, many talented players have splintered off to compete on travel teams.
Koontz said the league reached its high several years ago with just over 300 players, and now has about 220. He said the losses are directly attributable to the travel leagues.
Koontz then went on to complain about Satterly, who was hired earlier this month to replace the late Chip Bishop.
Koontz alleged that Satterly interfered with a tournament bracket after volunteers created one through an official softball website.
Kristi McIntosh, a longtime softball volunteer, joined his complaints.
“He’s not willing to work with us,” she said. “We get no cooperation at all.”
McIntosh added that keys the fields had always been provided in the past to volunteers, but Satterly refuses to give them out.
“He said, ‘You went over my head and called John Wayne. Now, you’re not going to get them,’” McIntosh said.
The criticism clearly rankled Conway, who for the second time in as many meetings has heard criticism of Satterly.
“If I knew you were going to bring that up, I wouldn’t have allowed it without him here to defend himself,” said Conway.
“I know there’s going to be complaints, but I haven’t seen a legitimate complaint yet, although I don’t know about your situation.”
Conway said during the meeting that he intended to have Koontz, McIntosh and Satterly meet with the fiscal court’s parks and recreation committee.
On Monday, he said that the issues between them have already been resolved after he met with them privately.