On my mind: Judd’s voice needed in Senate

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By Stan Head

Will someone please wake me up?
I just had a dream that Ashley Judd was running for Mitch McConnell’s Senate seat.
OMG! It was not a dream; perhaps I was just in a dozing state of denial as it appears she is taking this challenge more serious every day.
Rumor is she recently met with Democrat insiders in Louisville to seriously discuss the possibility. She’s also met with New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Democrat bean counters to conduct some poll research.
It appears she might be also writing a new movie script titled “Hollywood goes to Washington.”
Ashley wouldn’t be the first actor to make the jump into the political ring. We’ve seen Clint Eastwood, Jesse Ventura, Sonny Bono, and that guy who did the movie with Bonzo the Chimp, oh, yes, Ronald Reagan, who obviously became a very popular two-term president. Based on all these leading men’s success, is it wrong for us to assume she could not be a leading lady, perhaps Kentucky’s leading lady?
The Republican response to Ashley’s future in politics has been that it is simply a joke. Think the idea of this “radical Hollywood liberal” running for office in a red state where she doesn’t live is hilarious?
As for Ashley running in Kentucky when she’s called Tennessee home, she was raised in Kentucky and has a vested interest in her home state. Let’s not pretend we’re all new to this idea of political candidates having homes in various states. Where exactly did Mitt Romney call home? It really doesn’t matter.
Laugh all you want, my Republican friends, as she has the checkbook to quickly have a residence and obviously would have an unlimited supply of campaign funds. Money well spent has been known to get a few votes.
To be honest, I think Ashley would make an excellent McConnell opponent. She has just the fresh voice and perspective we need in the Senate, not to mention a pretty face. She’s full of energy and is very passionate about her involvements and commitments.
She has the Hollywood backing power and a name recognition factor most Kentuckians already know. That’s been bad for a political candidate exactly zero times.
She was an Obama supporter and, like it or not, well, he won. So she would have allies as a freshman in Washington. Kentucky obviously needs some change. We receive $1.38 in federal funds for every $1 we pay in taxes.
Glad we are not a welfare state.
Credentials? Well, undergrad from the University of Kentucky, and obviously somewhat involved in the school’s alumni programs, and a big UK sports fan (all UK sports). What’s not to like there?
Do I dare mention Judd’s masters degree in public administration from Harvard? Perhaps I shouldn’t since no one likes to toot the horn of a liberal.
Anyway, we’ll see how this all plays out. Might be more exciting that a Duke-UK Final Four game. Either way, if it happens, it will be an exciting race.
The commercials will compare to those of the Super Bowl.
That’s what was on my mind.

Stan Head is a resident of Frankfort and frequent visitor to Anderson County.