Need some exercise? Try a Zumba fitness class

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By Joan Burke

I feel like I’ve been let in on one of the best-kept secrets in Lawrenceburg. It’s for dance fanatics or anyone who likes to have fun and learn something new, and its name is Zumba.  
I am a closet exercise-aholic. I try not to talk about it too much, but it has saved me, mentally and physically, over the years. I’m addicted to movement — Yoga, Pilates, walking, and my true love, dance.
I enjoyed going to Jazzercise before my kids were born, but after that my workouts were very sporadic. Slowly I got back in the groove by doing it at home with videos and DVDs, and I still do that. Then I heard about Zumba and wanted to try it, too.
I go on Wednesday evenings at the Anderson County Extension Office. Patty Lewis Wolf is the instructor. She also has classes at Fitness Firm and Emma B. Ward Elementary. You can find her on Facebook (“friend” her, then from her page, go to Notes) or pick one up at any Zumba class.  
Patty got her certification in Lexington, and has been doing it for 2 ½ years. In fact, she was the first to bring Zumba to Lawrenceburg. She says teaching is great, but with six classes a week and an ever-growing group of Zumba enthusiasts, it is getting a little much for one person. Her friend and colleague, Tonjua Casey, will be getting her certification Oct. 22, and will be able to help carry some of the load.
 Zumba is a dance that can be performed in two different styles: Latin or hip hop. Patty combines them both for a hip-rolling, hip-bumping, strut-your-stuff, shoulder-shimmying dance. There are ladies (didn’t see any men; not yet, anyway) of all different ages and backgrounds who attend, and the mood is very relaxed. Still, these are Zumba devotees. Patty is motivated to help people not only have fun but get fit and lose weight, too, if that is their goal. There were testimonials during one of the breaks. These women are losing some serious pounds.  The key is staying focused just on having fun.
For me, it is a chance to exercise again in a social setting.  I had forgotten how much I missed that. It’s the beat of the music that pounds in the body; it’s a thrill.  So just let loose, pump on through and Zumba!

Joan Burke is a resident of Lawrenceburg.