New ACHS principal shares love of teaching

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By Shelley Spillman

Chris Glass, who was recently named Anderson County High School principal, can personally speak to the positive impact of teachers. A grade school teacher inspired him to pursue a career as an educator.

“I had a wonderful math teacher that inspired me to pursue a career in education and make a difference in the lives of young people,” Glass said in an email interview. “I've always enjoyed working with young people and had a strong passion for math during my high school years. “

Though there were 12 applicants who were considered for the ACHS principal position, Sheila Mitchell, ACHS superintendent, said it was Glass’s passion and proven track record of dedication to the students of ACHS that made him the best candidate. Prior to his current role, Glass served as a math teacher for nine years at ACHS and served as an associate principal at the high school for three years.

“Mr. Glass is motivating and is always focused on making decisions in the best interest of students,” Mitchell said an email. “He is dedicated to Anderson County High School and wants to ensure students are motivated to achieve at high levels and are provided opportunities to excel in academics and extra curricular activities.”

An administrator role has also been a goal for Glass, and he said he grateful for the opportunity to impact students in a different way.

“I've always wanted to work my way up the ladder and eventually become a head principal,” Glass said. “On of my fears when I went into administration was that I would lose the personal relationship I had with the students.  However, I've found that it has enabled me to impact more students and play a much larger role in the culture and atmosphere of the school.”

He said the best part about a career in education is the ability to help students succeed in life beyond their time at ACHS.

“It's extremely rewarding to get an email, a phone call, or a hug in Walmart showing appreciation from a former student. That's what we get into this profession for and why it's so rewarding,” Glass said.

Glass’s 13 years at the high school has allowed him to have close relationships with the students, and he really enjoys that. Ross Cox, a senior at ACHS, said Glass used to be his elementary school football coach. For Lindsey Bowman, ACHS senior, Glass’s new role isn’t a big change. She’s grown accustomed to seeing Glass around and greeting him in the mornings as a student aide.

Some of Glass’s former students have even come back to take on teaching roles at the high school. He said he loves working with new educators to help them fine-tune their skills in the classroom.

Though Glass was only officially named principal on March 28, he already has some ideas of areas he wants to focus on. His main goals are to implement a community extended school services program, increase accountability scores, get ACHS in the top 10 to 15 percent of high schools in the state, work with local businesses to supply students with more opportunities for real work experiences and work with ACHS staff to focus on data to assist students and improve core instruction.

Mitchell has no doubt that Glass will accomplish these goals and more.

“Mr. Glass has been an asset to Anderson County for a number of years. He is committed to excellence, and I am confident he will lead ACHS to peak performance,” she said.