New company offers conceal carry classes and so much more

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By Ben Carlson

As Americans continue to arm themselves in record numbers, two Lawrenceburg men want to make sure that, locally, those buying and carrying guns do so safely and effectively.
Jeff McCormick and John Giles have formed M&G Tactical, a company dedicated to teaching people to defend themselves that goes beyond being certified to carry a concealed firearm.
“We’ve decided to do something we like doing,” said McCormick, a former officer with the state’s Fish and Wildlife Service who served on the international police force in Kosovo and with the Department of Defense in Qatar and Iraq.
“We want to pass along our experience and training to the public, and are big proponents of the 2nd Amendment. Our goal is to properly train those who wish to carry a firearm.
Giles, who served 20 years on active duty as a Kentucky State Police trooper and is now a police officer in Versailles, said M&G Tactical will offer standard conceal carry certification classes, but also a host of techniques that go well beyond the basics.
“We also offer basic firearms training, advanced firearms training and personal safety and awareness,” said Giles, adding that it’s imperative that those carrying firearms understand how to maintain control of their weapon during an altercation.
Giles said another focus is to teach gun owners how to keep their homes safe.
“That’s a big concern for a lot of women, especially single women. In conceal carry classes, we talk about the use of deadly force and how to fire a weapon, but when you’re put on the range you certify by hitting the target just 11 of 20 times.
“That’s where the advance classes come in. We teach proper handling of the weapon, being proficient with it and how to retain it while under duress.”
M&G Tactical will offer its first conceal carry class June 22 for ladies only, McCormick said, at its shooting range in the Nonesuch community of Woodford County, about 30 minutes from Lawrenceburg.
For more information, call Giles at 502-680-0663 or McCormick at 502-598-1703, or log onto their website at www.m-and-g-tactical.com.

First class offered for ladies only
M&G Tactical’s first scheduled conceal carry certification is scheduled for June 22 and is for ladies only, owners Jeff McCormick and John Giles announced.
Along with conceal carry classes, the company also offers basic and advanced handgun training, home defense and personal awareness and safety training.
For information about classes, visit www.m-and-g-tactical.com.