New York's governor: What was he thinking?

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By Jay Cason

Did Eliot Spitzer, the democratic governor of New York who resigned last week, really think he could continue to fool around with a high priced "escort" service forever and not eventually get caught? Given his penchant for going after both billionaire white collar criminals and mafia bosses like the Gambino crime family, there was no way he was going to continue getting away with spending thousands of dollars on call girls. His many enemies are just too powerful.

The nationally recognized "Sheriff of Wall Street" was touted as a champion of ethics reform, who promised to change state politics "on day one" of his administration. But after little more than a year in office, Spitzer is out - hoisted by his own petard.

Evidently, Spitzer did initiate change. Reportedly, he routinely changed call girls and spent about $80,000 in the process.

In terms of empty promises, Spitzer's ethics reform sounds a whole lot like Kentucky's former Republican governor who promised to "clean up the mess in Frankfort," yet was handily booted out of office for doing just the opposite. At least old pardoner Ernie was able to serve out his single term in office.

Of course Spitzer's Achilles' "heel" is also reminiscent of our own Luv-Gov's peccadilloes. But give Paul Patton some credit; his paramour wasn't an escort, at least not a professional one. And he did survive two full terms in office.

One cannot help but ponder the common failings of some of those who have held our state's and nation's highest offices. Strangely, the failings are somewhat consistent within the leadership confines of each of the two major political parties. Dems seem to have trouble with marital fidelity, while some of the GOP's finest have competency issues.

Is it purely coincidental that Patton, Spitzer, and Bill "I did not have sex with that woman" Clinton are or were leaders of the Democratic Party?

And how is it that the GOP could deliver Abraham Lincoln, believed by many to be our greatest president, yet still spawn the bungling Fletcher and G.W. Bush, who many believe has proven to be one of our nation's most incompetent presidents?