No reason for ‘butchered’ Parkway, stink near college

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To the editor:
You ask if something is bugging me, and I’ll say there is.
Have you driven down the Blue Grass Parkway? It is an eyesore from exit 48 toward the Lawrenceburg exit. The trees on the side of the Parkway have just been butchered and hacked up. It looks like a tornado went through there.
It’s shameful. What is it, laziness that they can’t do better than this?
It’s ugly!
Also, a lot of people were hit by tornadoes this year. Suppose they drive down the Parkway — big reminder, wouldn’t you say?
Another thing — let’s make our county beautiful and get rid of the stink by the technical college. It makes me want to gag.
Versailles, or rather Woodford County, is beautiful and most other counties don’t smell like raw sewage. It can’t be healthy to breath that in.
We pay taxes, and we know Anderson County can do better. We have the right to expect it.
Sharon Hill